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  1. 18 minutes ago, |Noob| said:

    Holland u r awesome

    Those units are awesome


    But those aircrafts

    If u can show us how powerful they are on structures/units

    they dont pretty seem powerful on Ground TBH

    Anyways gj  👌👌

    Yes i was thinking the same, but it seemed better to leave that a mystery so u can find it out for yourself. Also because balancing mods is so difficult, it will make people judge the mods and so not try them out, also.. i will add a tutorial on how to change a weapon's destructiveness under Little Tutorials.

  2. Little Tutorials:

    PLACING WAYPOINTS FOR THE RANDOM METEORITE mod Random Meteorites place waypoints 26 to 39.ini




    Make Bridges blow up using c4 Bridges C4able see tutorial.ini


    After inserting this mod in your map, you have to do 3 things to each bridge:

    • Attach a trigger to the Bridge huts,
    • Place the trigger's cel underneath bridge
    • Place the corresponding waypoints

    Made a little gif tutorial to show you how:


    So to clarify what i did in the gif:

    1. Double click repairhut, and select an trigger that contains the word 'ATTACH', use the same trigger for both repair huts
    2. The middle 5 letters i selected are the ones you look for in Trigger Editor, this tag i used was 'SP5E1' ( Disable beginner mode in options, then Edit > Trigger options)
    3. Select the trigger SP5E1BridgeDestroyed, then click 'Place on Map' and place the cell underneath the bridge.
    4. Select the trigger SP5E1BridgeC4, select the tab 'Actions', and see which two waypoints are used, and select "Create waypoint with special ID", and place them right under the end and start of the bridge. 

    Thats it, save your map.

    Hot to use different images in game

    for example you want to make make all light infantry be the girl Umagon, we have to find out the codes for them inside of rules.ini. It is always good to keep rules.ini handy when you're making a map. In this case we turn E1 into UMAGON, simply using Image=UMAGON

    Again, in final sun go to Edit > INI Editing (disable beginner mode in options if you dont see it)


    This works for all vehicles, aircrafts, infantry and buildings, note that for buildings have attached animations like lights so it might look odd without a proper edit in the art.ini file. And also TurretAnim can be added or changed, find out more about that in this topic

    How to be able to build concrete cliffs in Final Sun

    CnCnet uploaded the first version of Terrain Expansion (concrete cliffs and such) 

    If you havn't updated CnCnet's Final Sun to the latest version,  DOWNLOAD IT HERE, and drag the files to the TS folder as described in pack, that way final sun will read them too.


    After doing that, you can find them in final sun at Terrain/Ground


    To use/display all mods (all trees, buildings, vehicles etc) in final sun, we have to extract these files into TS folder

    ,Extract in ts folder.7z <<<<<<< Download

    Extract these files in the TS Folder, so Final sun will read them. BUT DELETE or move the rules.ini when playing online!!

    The rules.ini in this pack contain all the uploaded mods. Since CnCnet is meant for original TS gameplay, we can't touch the original rules.ini
    we have to add the uploaded mods in our maps. 

    Also note: When using for example the RATREE's, we have to add the ini 'Pretty trees', same for any mod building/unit used, make sure you insert the mod, 
    or add it manually in your map by copy/pasting the code inside this rules.ini to your map file


    and once again
    DELETE or move this modded rules.ini
    rules.ini when playing online!!

    (also recommended when testing in skirmisch)

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    (Download map mods pack: All Map mods.rar  or download individual link)

    Map Mods


    ; After adding this ini into final sun, double click a building that you want to be your oil derrick, then on the bottom of that window, attach a trigger that has the word 'attach' to it. Up to 8 oil derricks. (in this gif i used Ion collector) If too hard for you to use the same building, let me know :)

    Auto ally:

    Auto Ally 1234v5678.ini

     Change teams by finding AllyBySpawnLocation1 in Edit > INI Editing

    Day and Night loop, Standard times and darkness.

    day n night loop.ini(Works on every TS)

    Make your map have 'Giants of war' Mods (not recommended, just play ww style)  Giants mods.ini(Works on every TS)

    Inserts all codes for fona's and big blue tree, so you don't need Firestorm enabled for them:Fonas and blue tib trees.ini

    This turns all buildings super speed (Using [GDI]BuildTime=0.1) :Instant build for testing.ini(Works on every TS)

    This max queue's (build amount) to 20.; Change the amount of units you can build by finding General in Edit > INI Editing, and changing MaximumQueuedObjects's value
    max queue units 20.ini(Works on every TS)

    Pretty ra2 treesPretty Trees.ini

    prettytrees.jpgAfter adding this file you have to change the trees to pretty ra2 trees, or to add them, see this topic: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8661-ts-the-new-units-and-buildings-expand11/

    Get random ion storms!Random Ion Storms.ini(Works on every TS)

    Random Meteorites, copied from the map Tiberium Garden. ; Uses waypoints 26 to 39, place them on your map where u want the strikes to happen Random Meteorites place waypoints 26 to 39.ini (Works on every TS)


    Start with Hijacker, Start with hijacker.ini Make sure to turn off short game and bases(Works on every TS)

    Humble's Veteran patch 2.46 vet patch v246.ini(Works on every TS) 

    For if you quickly need to add all Spawn houses in map fileSpawn Houses.ini 

    Looping waves from my map Maze Waves, for if you wanna make an AI Wave style map with triggers

    LOOPING WAVES.ini(Works on every TS)


    Reveals all map on start of gameReveal all map.ini(Works on every TS)



    Weed growth, Very fast and double fast (then original)Weed grows double fast.iniWeed grows superspeed.ini(Works on every TS)



    Turn Neutral into Enemeny, and make mcv's not deploy (for if u make AI map)(Works on every TS)

    Neutral enemy and ai mcvs dont deploy.ini

    Alright, last and not least so far:


    harbors and boats.ini2023702948_NodBoats.gif.3f6f180b2bcd847dc2ffb19edb7fcdb7.gif293400796_GDIBoats.gif.cbf357aaf3b136d66c7462006dca360a.gif

    This will give Nod and GDI a buildable shipyard, 3 buildable boats each.
    The only issue that warfactory has to be primary or vehicles can come out of the shipyard.
    The patch for that is to use this fix, instead u can build a deployable vehicle that turns into a shipyard and solves the issue: 

    Harbors and boats deployable fix.ini
    But there is already a fix for it by giving all warfactory units a 2nd House as well, i don't have the mod ready yet. Read how to do it on Http://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=15319

    Ini's from TSclient:All TsclientGame Options.rar

    No Silos.iniNo Baddy Crates.iniInfinite Tiberium.iniImmune Harvesters.iniHarder AI.iniDisable Visceroids.iniDisable Super Weapons.iniStorms.iniShroud Regrows.iniReveal Shroud.ini


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  4. (Download building pack: All Buildings.rar or download individual link)


    959346535_FortressTowers.gif.836eb00d9764b6c072efca67340109ef.giffortmissiletower.inifortsinglecanon.inifortsonic.inifortdoublecano.inifortmg.inifortartillery.inifortress canon tower WHITE LASER.in

    399754394_Flametowerproton.gif.dfe5b93e64153ad1fdf65f390ab3b334.gifSmall flame tower with zap.iniThere is a flame version too, forgot to make gif, but its cooler: Small flame tower with flames.ini




    Sam tower.gifBig sam.iniBig sam for capture on map.ini


    Saturn Canon.gifBig saturn canon laser.ini


    Empire tower.iniA small Ra2 Rapid firing Tower, (no gif yet). its pretty dope.


    ion charge collector.iniICC_ingameanim.gif

    Place on map, or edit prerequisite, techlevel and ownerposted imageSTRUCTURE Cabal Radar with droppod superweapon.ini


    radar has superweapon uplinks.ini radaruplinks.jpg.c24e8c7a2cce4d1d99039d25e8bb4d1b.jpg& droppods: droppods uplink to upgrade center.ini

    178889544_Meteorsuperweapon.gif.60dd39a9b3ac867c06f29831990cec8a.gifTurn EMP in Meteorite superweapon with tech.iniThis mod turns EMP into a Meteorite Superweapon (you give up EMP)(Works on every TS)


    This turns Hunter seeker into Meteorite superweapon (No GIF) Turn Seeker in Meteorite superweapon.ini(Works on every TS)


     Tower Emp cloned and turned into emp laser for if used meteorites superweapon.ini1540805790_EMPLaser.gif.bfc43f6a131613d6748f656ff53a7eef.gif; Tower Emp cloned and turned into emp laser for if you turned emp into meteorites superweapon,(Works on every TS, just edit railgun laser)



    Mech factory for GDI:  GDI Mech factory.iniMech factory for Nod:Nod Mech factory.ini 

    Mech Factory for Both GDI and Nod: Mech Fact for both.ini


    2032978520_CrystalSilo.gif.68f73435ecfc8f60894a7f6cf526ffb2.gifCrystal Silo.ini





    Turn Seeker in Meteorite superweapon.ini GDI Mech factory.ini All Aircrafts.rar

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  5. (Download Infantry pack: All Infantry.rar or download individual link)


    There are some more i wanna post, but just these for now

    211090986_C4specialist.gif.7a5a7626a60e55f62ab2bbd31df69f7e.gifInfantry C4 specialist.ini

    Turn Infantry into viscs (Works on every TS)529810522_ViscSpawner.gif.33f5b1353131f043c94f7b5f5011c640.gifInfantry Oxanna the visc maker.ini1545691153_StormTrooper.gif.e8a5a66b3c48aba2d9974529741c1782.gifInfantry machine gunner Disrupper.ini1508466723_NapalmNader.gif.e71f82753f3f8ea168b27f086be9d733.gifInfantry Napalm grenadier Zone.ini

    Some more, did not make a gif for all:

    Infantry Flybug.iniInfantry Elite.iniInfantry mortar warrior massn.iniInfantry Laser slavick.iniInfantry Gaspy.ini


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  6. THIS IS REAL SIMPLE FOR ANYONE! SIMPLY ADD A MOD! ALL MODS (see all image gifs below) WILL WORK, AND IS PLAYABLE & BUILDABLE RIGHT AWAY (on CnCnet only) after you save map in final sun!! ENJOY!!


    •  The buildings and units in this topic are uploaded on CnCnet only! You can share maps with these mods and play this online on CnCnet. How? because they are uploaded on cncnet, if you want to use them on a different client, you can find them inside the mix and ini folders, (or click here to download them)
    • You can Simply download ALL the mod files here: MODS v1.3.rar , insert the INI files (mods) in FInal sun, how? by looking at the first GIF in this message, and forget about the rest. But if you're new to modding, or interested in how and what, read on.


    • This topic is devided in: Buildings/units/weapons; Multiple tutorials; insertable mods that activates all kinds of triggers; and all kinds of enabling other stuff. All in INI files. For this topic I'm using more then just the main topic message.
    • I did not make any of these images and animations, they're a collection of fan art, publicly released on ppmforums.com. 
    • Some of the mods can also be used for any TS client, they will be marked with: (Works on every TS)

    A quick Modding Tutorial:
    Normally, modding is done with the use of wordpad, or with Notepad++ (recommended), but in this tutorial we keep things simple and stay in Final Sun

    How to ADD the mods using Final Sun

    Open Final sun and make or load a map
    Make sure Beginners Mode is disabled. Click Option > Beginner mode.
    Now you go to Edit > INI Editing. 
    You can Insert your desired mod simply by clicking "Insert another INI file content"

    947277360_AddingINIs.gif.de78cbdc2f635825eb55c02aed1c9a95.gifIn this Gif i inserted the Big Sam, see below under Buildings

    How to EDIT mods using Final Sun

    First off, a little explanation on How to edit WHEN you can build it, WHO can build it, IF you can build it, and its primary weapon.
    For tutorial purposes, we are only concerned here with these 4 lines: Owner=, TechLevel=, Prerequisite= and Primary=
    Owner=Nod                              Makes only Nod be able to build, use =Nod,GDI for both factions 
    TechLevel=-1                           Minus one (-1) makes this UNable to build, any Tech Level you set here will ofcourse, decide with wich TechLevel you can play this with.
    Prerequisite=GACNST            GACNST is the building code for Construction yard. You can do up to three building for example: =PROC,NARADR,NATECH
    Primary=LaserFire2                This gives any building or unit Nod's Laser weapon. Again, look in rules.ini to see who uses which 'Primary=' (weapon)

    To know all building codes, you can look inside rules.ini (Download rules.ini  or see in this page) (and use 'find function' with 'ctrl+f)



    You can Also Click Add, type in an existing tag from rules.ini, like GAGATE_B (gdi gate), find GAGATE_B in the dropdown menu, under keys: press 'Add', type a value like TechLevel=-1 and pres Ok.

    To make the prerequisite codes easier for you now, here are some of the most common buildingcodes used for prerequisite:
    PROC,GASILO (Tiberium refinery, Tiberium Silo)
    NAPOWR,NARADR,NAHPAD,NAWEAP,NATECH,NATMPL  (NOD'S: Powerplant, Radar, Helipad, War factory, Tech center, Temple) 
    GAPOWR,GARADR,NAHPAD,GAWEAP,GATECH,GAPLUG  (GDI's: Powerplant, Radar, Helipad, War factory, Tech center, Uplink center)
    GACNST,BARRACKS,FACTORY,HELIPAD,TECH (Both faction's: Barracks, War factory, Helipad, tech center)

    Some more modding tutorials are found here:
    Adding a new unit: https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=518
    Editing weapons: https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=28056
    My own tutorial on modding: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6277-brand-new-tutorial-for-new-map-makers-create-your-own-mods/

    Some mapping tutorials:
    Triggers, taskforces, teams, and scripts (***) https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=33824
    Tunnel Tutorial https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=44324
    LucasSK's Complete Final Sun Tutorial: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9934-finalsun-complete-tutorial/

    I have not made a gif and ini for each of the fan made uploaded units and buildings, see all of them here:



    (Click to view full image)

    Here we go:


    (Download vehicle pack: All Vehicles.rar or download individual link)

    Big Ion Tank

    1888224590_IonTank.gif.a41bdfe559f64fe32f788e3c0322672a.gif Big Ion tank.ini

    LKO's Scorpion


    LKO's Mechs (just a few of them for now)


    Small double canon mech exciter.iniSmall Laser mech Kesselbrut.iniSmall sniper mech Umgi bolver.iniSmall yellow laser mech blackhawk.iniSpalters peewee gun n double laser gun.iniBig Mech Thor.iniBig Mechs DAISHIG and DAISHIN.iniCOLOG deployable heavy artillery nukes.iniFatboy.ini


    Tarantula.gif.b7063c94c7f5baa0cb223061daa13f73.gif Tarantula.ini

    Redeployable Oblisk

    oblisklol.gifredeployable oblisk.ini

    Predator Tank

    74250047_Predatortank.gif.aa628a89ffafc39311559a1b9722482c.gif Predator tank.ini


    Mongoos Mech

    Mongoosmechfire.gif.d2db0055a939b801435b13eef1e2827f.gifMongoosmech.gif.606fc521df3f7e504768147023e1e82f.gif Mongoosmech.iniMongoosmechdualproton.ini

    Heavy Assault Mech

    Heavy assault mech.gif Heavy assault mech canon.ini


    818695381_deploystosleepingttripod.gif.cbbaed7f7d7715ba13cb8ad1ec26c247.gifSleeping Tripod.ini


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  7. I do feel like a dummy because i just discovered Final Sun does the same thing as XCC_INI_CLT. thaha ( i swear i thought it didnt)

    So, forget about this little command line software and us Final sun instead. I will make a new topic and add some more good ini files,

    but already got you a new Gif tutorial on what to do in Final Sun:


    See Topic 'Adding mods with Final Sun (TS Mods Included)'

  8. Metropolis


    Made by Humble
    Scripts by Holland

    Quick note,
    Humble has done it again, he made another outstanding multiplayer westwood style Tiberian sun map. In this map metropolis, there is amazing precision and details. 
    Humble as I know him, is one of the few Master Elite players still playing today, and it definitely shows in his perfectionism in all of his maps. 

    We got be very creative and added a cool feature that makes gameplay somewhat very interesting, which includes granting control:

    Spawn 7 and 8 are 'SuperSpecs', They own only the Crash sites, either the UFO or the KODIAK. They are both hard to kill and they give all team players a teeny tiny bit of money, much less then a single Harv would. Both auto-allied teams can see their crash and optionally grant control to, and so 'superspec' can focus on using their scouts, control their harvs, etc.
    After 14 minutes, the crash site's superweapon droppods are hacked, and Bbth superspecs will be loading the Droppods, 5 Minutes after that, the multi-missile, 16 minutes after that, Ion cannon, and 11 minuts after that the hunter seeker.
    Superspec will die when the crash site is destroyed.

    Veteran patch 2.46
    SuperSpec's (grant control)
    Blue tib trees & fona's (no firestorm needed)

    Map is very Alive!! We also made sure none of it would interfere with online gameplay.


    Cities are alive, Buildings light up when its night!!


    There is UFO abduction,


    Spiders hiding underneath bridges!!




    And when does that train end???????????? :P

    And a fully functioning hacked Crash site, turned SUPERSPECC

    ufomoneytext.gif.f4f430e9a27dd7c98bd509daab015b23.gifGrant control to your superspec by clicking the crash site and pressing your assigned hotkey

    kodiakmoney.gif.a4b64466f590d05abf211c41bedc6c7e.gifYup, giving tiny little bits of money to each team playerdeadkodiak.gif.a713ffc9169e256de8f540fbfcbaeebb.gif  Close enough to looking dead :D

    So far, many players love the map and everyone wants to be super spec. If your a mod map player and prefer giants, just give this a shot. there is enough money and you'll get used to these cool dynamics, give it a shot!

    /map 101b0c50a42f13a2bf2dae67d8bedb8a4f258bd8 Metropolis[Ally][Vet.2.46]

  9. This mod will make the bridges on your map C4-able, to maximize use of the Ghost Stalker:



    plus a little extra: Place C4 twice, and a C4 is pre-placed for when its fixed (like in gif ^^)


    After inserting this mod in your map using XCC_INI_CLT (or just placing it in your map), you have to do 3 things to each bridge:

    • Attach a trigger to the Bridge huts,
    • Place the trigger's cel underneath bridge
    • Place the corresponding waypoints

    Made a little gif tutorial to show you how:


    So to clarify what i did in the gif:

    1. Double click repairhut, and select an trigger that contains the word 'ATTACH', use the same trigger for both repair huts
    2. The middle 5 letters i selected are the ones you look for in Trigger Editor, this tag i used was 'SP5E1' ( Disable beginner mode in options, then Edit > Trigger options)
    3. Select the trigger SP5E1BridgeDestroyed, then click 'Place on Map' and place the cell underneath the bridge.
    4. Select the trigger SP5E1BridgeC4, select the tab 'Actions', and see which two waypoints are used, and select "Create waypoint with special ID", and place them right under the end and start of the bridge. 

    Thats it, save your map.

  10. Guess its the same with infantry, Kain. It might be less for barracks since its cheaper

    But you can do some happy math on this

    Lets say 100 is normal build time

    Placing 2nd building is 15% faster so 115% build speed

    3rd: 15% of 115 is 17 so its 132% buildspeed

    4rd building, 15% of 132= 20 so 152%


    So it will spiral up. 15% more, 17% more, 20% more, 26%. Which means to see a big significant change you gonna need mannnyyy manyy


    @dkeeton is there a way to download the old ts-spawn that has the old multi factory? So Kain-naik can play with that one.

  11. I was just making fun. But also it be really funny to have a superweapon like that, i was honestly gonna make it for fun lol.

    I'll do it don't worry, they just can't be repairable. Re-deploy Mcv has to be enabled if you want it to work, if unabled it would just disappear after redeploying so can't have that, the ticktank=yes code makes it unrepairable and makes it not disappear so it is how it is :(

    i made some tutorials on how to mod, the code for the oblisk i left at this topic 



    Put gso and terrace lol ok ill do it for you cuz u asked so nicely

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  12. Thaha, i enjoy giants only if its a short game. Rushing is all i do in giants, even with nod, 9 x outta 10 my rush succeeds. 
    Giants is too lame of a gameplay to consider it real gaming, and the elite pro's are too good to play with. I don't ever see them come together and work things out, so i just keep modding, its fun by it self.

    ANYWAY!.... Ok I'll add the undeployable oblisk to a map, which map? Giants? 


    To make the undeployable work, the structure have to be given the rule: IsJuggernaut=yes or TickTank=yes, but by doing so, it is impossible to sell it. But i don't really see it as a problem.

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  13. Expanded warfare v1.07 [Vet2.46][AA][Ships][Oil] Holland

    expanded warfare.mpr


    Just a few ships, minimal mods for fair gameplay, should be pretty balanced
    Oil derricks on the islands, they give only 30 per 10 seconds
    captureable droppod radar in middle! 


    • -vet patch,
    • -deployable oblisk,
    • -carryall for nod,
    • -blue tib, fonas and mold (firestorm not needed)
    • -C4-placeable Bridges, and pre-C4 placing


    If you C4 bridge after its blown up, you can pre-set next C4 :)


    Turned Repair vehicle into Repair Drone so it can repair boats as well:repairdroid.gif.bd4b7d38ef7e310515662f79e622d618.gifcptedfdnd.gif.89009e72bef1b67d1f9055de4e6a40b9.gifioncrgehtct.gif.ba46f8462b0736793869caa6d95426bb.gif

    Full screenshot:expwfscrn.thumb.jpg.b2fceea0e62194e2f5a45ca49defb39d.jpg

    Download: expanded warfare.mpr

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  14. Fasted AI defense maps i ever made, SPIDER ATTACKSS, inspired by that bunker scene from Starship troopers lol.

    Used TSwavemaker to clone waves, and pre-made mods for some nice color effects, and all the spider types that have been uploaded thihi


    bug arena.mpr

    /map 4bd36da1c48df80961b7d857833c10857a74335f

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