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  1. Recently started using the Level Editor, which is pretty basic to use. However, I am trying to modify the player's character in singleplayer missions, but have had no success. Is there a specific way to do this? Because modding the Commando character did not help. Modding the spawn for Commando did not work too.
  2. Boso


    Hey all, currently doing Stage 2 Research Project in year 12 and I would appreciate if you could all take a few moments to fill in my survey thanks https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=mOt4YBqCvE28tgioHeqG8-5I8FL6jw1Lq8JwZkhz1UpUNk1SNVpNNktSMVhORzQ3RUlFUDJNRzBNTi4u
  3. Boso

    Game won't launch.

    Wow that solved it, thanks. Why does this happen tho?
  4. Boso

    Game won't launch.

    My OS is Windows 10. When I attempt to launch Ra95 from the Red Dawn mod, nothing happens. When I check the task manager it is indeed opened but it is not on my task bar and there is no way of actually bringing the game up, even though it has launched.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5RrFjkRylI Thoughts?
  6. I believe under [basic] in the map, you need to add IsCoopMode=yes so that the AI builds even in multiplayer mode.
  7. omg lol such a simple solution, haha thanks for the help works fine now.
  8. I have tried changing the AI iq from 1-4, nothing happened. I have made sure that the autocreate and production begins triggers activate but the AI still doesn't build any of the autocreate teamtypes. I am not using any modified rules.ini. The AI still builds buildings which I have set it to build but units are not built unless I use the "create team" trigger.
  9. This is honestly such an amazing mod, deserves so much more attention.
  10. Thanks for the reply! I will be sure to look into the link you sent me and thanks for the help.
  11. Hey guys, I have been messing around with Red Alert for a while, and the closest I have ever gotten to having the AI control the player was by setting all the IQ settings in rules.ini to 0. Surely there has to be a way to make the AI completely control the human team. Everyone probably knows about ARES, a YR Revenge Expansion DLL for Red Alert 2. There is an option to make the AI completely take control of the player using a simple hotkey. This makes the team build units, attack using different teams, and create buildings. I assume something like this is possible, there might be something similar to this which can be done in Red Alert 1. Replying would be appreciated
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