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  1. Most pros played as Iraqi Soviets. Desolators + tanks is a good combo.
  2. There's also like 3 or more Red Alert downloads. "PortableRA", "RA1installer" and "RedAlert1_Online_Installer". FunkyFr3sh's version, Iran's version, I don't know what the definitive full version is.
  3. You could do the finals on www.strawpoll.me That allows everyone to vote, not just people registered to a certain website.
  4. As a kid, I played C&C for the first time on the PS1 port. I was mesmerized by the screams of the soldiers when they died (which were kind of disturbing/scary). Felt like a real commander with responsibility. The music, cutscenes, briefings, photo-realistic maps, that 90's political climate.. I was hooked. I consider Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert and Tiberian Sun the Holy Trinity of C&C. These are the core/essential games, although the more casual generation grew up with Red Alert 2, Generals or Tiberium Wars.
  5. But doesn't Nod's ending completely destroy GDI's reputation? It kind of implies GDI loses public support and gets disbanded by the UN.
  6. Soviet Tesla technology versus Allied Chrono technology was a nice touch.
  7. Glad you caught the joke. There are alot of connections actually (besides the obvious Kane appearances and Soviet ending). GDI's Mammoth Tank could of been inspired from the Soviet Heavy Tank. Likewise, the Nod Obelisk could of been drawn from the Tesla Coil. Both Nod and Allies use turrets. The Longbow also resembles the Nod Apache. There are many more similarities like this. It could've been coincidence, accidental, or intended. Many of the icons still remain the same, so it could of been due to technical limitations, who knows.
  8. Red Alert 2 has that? I know Red Alert 3 has it. How does that work? They are skirmish modes basically, but cooperative against the AI. If I remember correctly, there was also some sort of mini campaign where you play through several missions with 2 players. There are already co-op missions for ra1, i ported the 4 ant missions and echo ported a few missions from the campaign Sweet, didn't know that.
  9. I'd be most interested in a coop mode for TD and RA, similar to what RA2 had. Not only in skirmish, but also being able to play the campaign with 2 players. I could imagine Covert Ops missions where player 1 controls a Commando, and player 2 has a Chinook helicopter and a couple engineers. You'd have to work together and communicate in order to beat the mission. Likewise there would be missions where both players start out with an MCV next to eachother, or on the opposite sides of the map. There would be all sorts of fun and challenging puzzles missions where both players start with different units and have to cover eachother's weaknesses.
  10. Tiberian Dawn has a much more superior plot and depth than Red Alert. C&C has this 90's geopolitical, industrial, economic and media warfare going on. It has a Gulf/Vietnam war mood to it. The conflicts are low in intensity and spread out. The emphasis is put more on task forces, covert operations and propaganda. GDI and Nod are interesting factions. This isn't a generic conventional war between 2 states or nations, it's a global war between 2 clashing ideologies. It's also interesting how there is no clear 'good guy' and 'bad guy' in this war. GDI can be seen as angels, peacekeepers of the world while Nod are fanatical terrorists. Or.. Nod can be seen as freedom fighters, liberators while GDI only serves as pawns for the corporate elite to keep the status quo. There are many ways to view this war. There is the political aspect, ideological aspect, the religious aspect and the spiritual aspect. GDI views Tiberium as a scientific anomaly, a danger to mankind. Nod sees potential in Tiberium, a bright future. Kane is a very mysterious and charismatic man who's true motives are (still) unknown. Red Alert is very simplistic and bland. It's a World War where both sides throw soldiers and tanks at eachother in a battle of attrition. It's a very bloody and costly war that leaves the European continent ravaged. There's not much politics or media involved, it's just a basic (and brutal) war. What is most interesting is Kane's involvement in the Soviet Union. He acts as Stalin's personal advisor, and it makes one wonder if Kane was the one pulling the strings all along.. The intro and music in Tiberian Dawn reflects on that 90's political and mysterious setting. What is truth, what are lies? "Act on Instinct" is a wonderful piece, and "March to Doom" reminds us that war is terrible. The music in Red Alert is funky, groove and hip. It's a glorification of war. Hell, in the first Soviet mission you gas a town of civilians. "Hell March" is arguably the most popular C&C track, although I believe it's a bit overrated. There are alot more great tracks, such as "Vector", "Big Foot" and "Trenches".
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