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  1. Thank you!. -speedcontrol worked like a charm!. Funny how the game speed won't allow the short in game cutscenes to finish though 😁
  2. Thank you for this awsome suggestion. I'm surely gonna check that out.
  3. I did already give him credits in a text popup at beginning of the map. And after seeing a text from Flyingz on a page saying '' Do not edit this map lazy noobs '' I do promise that this is the first and last time 😂. And i've just done too much to just give up now. I'm gonna pray that Flyingz won't sent his Apocalypses on me after this.😭
  4. Understood i wish it was possible to add more colors but anyway, Edit: I managed to make enemy units at specific locations to stand still with building rocks around the 'enemy' MCV starting waypoint. (Since the map i'm working at already gives another MCV to the same country i didn't have to try to give it another MCV. But i guess this trick did the trick :). Yes i think i ment Strength by health. Because i've seen various maps witch as example included oil derricks which took much more hits than regular to get destroyed. However i checked the .map file i'm working at (upgrading), in notepad which is actually '' Red Revolution by Flyingz '' a single player mission converted to MP. And i can't find all the specific buildings details. For example when i '' ctrl + f '' in notepad it can't find anything called '' (Kremlin). I guess it's a thing of this hardcoded map
  5. May i also ask as last few more things which i struggle with and would be very happy if i could manage to do the following: 1. When i set vehicles/infantry for the enemy on a specific location. No matter if i set their options to '' Sleep'' ''Stop'' ''Guard'' ''Area Guard'' when ever the game starts as soon as the enemy base deploys it's MCV it takes all the ground units which i put to specific locations to stand still and moves them to the deployed MCV automatically. I tried to read every trigger in FA2 to stop that from happening but can't find a way. 2. How can i give any building or unit more health ? 3. And as last if i remember Ra2/YR has actually more base/unit colors like Black, Dark brown etc which i ever changed in rulesmd.ini long time ago. Is there also a way to do that in FA2 or by editing the .map through notepad ? These were some questions i tried to find the answer for by my self but no luck. Any information about these will make me thankful even more.
  6. Thank you very much! Exactly what i needed. Much appreciated for this as it was something i wanted to add to my maps since long time 👍
  7. Thank you for the response! I would like to make the Psychic Beacon behave like a ''Psychic Tower'' but with let's say 3 times it's radius which can mindcontrol it's enemy units 2 times faster compared to Psychic Tower (and maybe also with air units included if possible).
  8. Hello. Is it possible to make the Psychic Beacon working (Mind controlling) on a map using Final Alert 2 ? Like do i have to create a Trigger or something ?. When i double click on the Psychic beacon it shows me some options but seems like what i'm looking for is not there. Thanks in advance for any help (Image from Red Revolution by iMNaSTy V1.0 map)
  9. Why mate. is it that dead around here?. I was hoping not 😦
  10. When someone knows he can recieve a permanent ban from the host. He will think twice about ruining their chat/gameplay and what so ever (Yes that's called behaving). That's my opinion and i think it's a great idea. I play the game almost the whole day everyday and if i ask for this it's because i do face ruining people at least few time a day. (Some people keep changing their names and rejoin to ruin another round what could be a great game experience). But thank god most of the other players are friendly. Don't worry @RaVaGe i don't need any (genius) to teach me about these subjects. I played Ra2 Online since the 2000's 😏 Followed up with each YR multiplayer servers. So trust me when i say that i know what i'm writing about. I believe that nobody will regret if all these suggestions became true. And CncNet will become even more alive. I'll wait for a moderator or even a developer to read these and hopefully let us know if there are awsome updates planned for the near future. and maybe take these ideas into consideration. That's the point of this topic.
  11. If i flood your game rooms with my nosense hatred crap everyday wudn't you like to have a option to permanently ban me?. Well i would. Seems like you are one of these annoying players since you only react to that one specific thing i wrote..
  12. Hello. (First of all i apologise if i post this under wrong topic, Please correct it if i'm wrong). After playing CncNet daily for a long time i came up to few ideas and i wanted to start this topic to provide few suggestions about the CncNet Client. I also want to add that i play Ra2/YR since Westwood Studios times. And there is a lot of stuff i'm missing. 1. Registering username ID's so everyone has a unique name which only he can use with his password. 2. Only Registered names can compete in ladder matches. 3. Bringing back the Badge system that registered players can earn a badge based on the points they earned during the Tournament. 4. If its not possible to use same badges Westwood Studios and XWIS did then use similar ones. ( i heard that there is already a badge system at the moment for the first 25 Rank players correct me if i'm wrong). So what i'm basically asking is to give badges to each and every player based on their current ranks. ( long story in short im asking CncNet to bring back the good old badge system ) 5. Make it possible for players to ban others permanently and also give a option to unban. (it will teach some to behave) (And also a command line to check banlist) 6. Make it possible to when you right click on a Registered ID's name a menu opens that shows and redirects to that players CncNet profile and to his Tournament history. 7. Give registered names special fonts in lobby to make them look unique. Give top 3/5 Rank players even a much more unique fonts and make their names shine in lobby. 8. A Tournament system which is held 3 weeks long. with 1 week brake. end of the tournament the scores getting calculated and players earn their badges. 9. Make players who D/c in tournament matches automatically the loser of the round. 10. Bring back the good old Clan system. (Also make it possible that each clan has a clan page that shows which members are in it etc.) 11. Make C&C/Ra2/YR Great Again!. With a lot of love and respect to this awsome community who keeps the GOAT game running. iMNaSTy aka NaSTyNOoB.
  13. changing .yrm to .map worked for me. the maps shows up under: Standard game mode
  14. changing .yrm to .map worked for me. the maps shows up under: Standard game mode
  15. Hello. I face a problem when i try to start any game using CncNet Client. I gave all the .exe .ini and .dll files full permission and administration rights but i am still facing the message you see on the screenshot when i try to start any map or modes. Graphic resolution is set on 1920x1080 it worked before like a charm on my 4k display, I am running OS Windows 10 Pro x64 Intel i7 4790K and gpu Nvidia GTX 780. The error popup says ''Acces to path (on screenshot) denied'' Thanks in advance for any help. EDIT: Issue fixed with re-installing both Ra2YR and CncNet client (Thanks to RhiN0z)
  16. I took a short video of my gameplay where you can clearly see what kind of glitch it is. The game resolution is @ 1920x1080. i even tried 800x600 resolution it also haves this mouse glitch http://www.mediafire.com/watch/n7we8lvddgv12mv/20150326_002249.mp4 Like you see on the video my mouse wont pass that line at right. and also not bottom.
  17. Iran gave me that .dll file before. i was already using it. It fixes the game speed. I dont have problem with game speed this is just a mouse glitch (while in game) i cant move my mouse to right side of screen. and also not to bottom. I was using a 1920x1080 Full HD 22.5inch monitor before with no problems. now i use a 4K Ultra HD 28inch Mouse problem started after i started using the new monitor. Any more ideas ?
  18. Hello there. Today i recieved my new Samsung U28D590D LED UHD 4K 28Inch 3840x2160 Monitor. I tried to see if i could play Yuri's Revenge on CncNet. 3840x2160 Resolution crashes the game but even if it would work the resolution would be too high to play this game. When i put resolution at 1920x1080 it displays the game correctly on my screen but i cant move my mouse to the leftside of the screen. I can move it to the entire right side but not to the leftside. Is there anything i need to do to fix this mouse issue ?. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome. Video of the issue: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/n7we8lvddgv12mv/20150326_002249.mp4 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: Setting my desktop resolution to 1920x1080 and running the game in windowed mode with custom resolution ScreenWidth=1530. ScreenHeight=840 in ra2md.ini fits my screen perfect and i can move my mouse all over the place again. Set my desktop resolution to 3840x2160 and running game in windowed mode with custom resolution makes the window resolution even ScreenWidth=1920 ScreenHeight=1060. But using this second method makes the game just a bit laggy so i might just keep using the first one. Still if there might be a better solution it's always welcome. Thank you for your time.
  19. Hello. ddraw.dll file fixed the speed issue. now i can play from cncnet client multiplayer with 1920x1080 resolution at full speed and i am very happy with that!. that was the most important issue. But here is the next (little) bug: when i click on ESC while in game or click at the right upper corner to the settings button it laggs very much it makes me wait like 20seconds to show the settings and each time i click on a button, and also when i want to abort a game. The bug appeared after i placed ddraw.dll in my game folder. so it fixed the speed issue and bugged the settings in YR. well i prefer to have more speed as being able to change settings in game. Its not that very important but sometimes its useful to be able to get in settings to change the game speed, or when you forgot who is playing under which color that can be seen from settings. For now my game is working and i really appreciate the help of you guys who spend time to fix my issue!. But if you will find something about that slow settings issue please tell it to me when one of you guys ever learn something about it. I will keep an eye on this topic. Thanks again for all the clear information and great help!.
  20. I got a original setup of Ra2/Yuri's Revenge with a legit serial. and i also have a (downloaded) Xwis version of Ra2/Yuri's Revenge. The original setups installs the game under C:/Westwood/Ra2 while Xwis multiplayer version installs it on C:/Program Files(x86)/Red Alert 2. When i apply the CncNet patch on Westwood/Ra2 folder there is both game.dat and gamemd.exe located. But when i apply the CncNet patch on Program Files(x86)/Red Alert 2 folder there is only a game.dat file and no gamemd.exe. and both of the versions do lag after patching with CncNet patch` Edit: running the game using RA2MD.exe skrimish is also on full speed but gamemd.exe is slow Edit 2: I found out that the problem is with the Screen resolution patch of CncNet client. when i dont apply the screen resolution patch the game is at 800x600 resolution but multiplayer runs at full speed. but when i apply the screen patch and put it on 1920x1080 it laggs. any ideas ?
  21. Edit 2: I changed the compatibility mode to Windows 7 in properties and was able to open gamemd.exe and started a skrimish 1v1 and game has the same lag as playing on cncnet client i feel like we are getting closer to the solution Edit 3: I reinstalled Yuri's revenge and played skrimish and was no lag, the lag clearly appears after patching the Ra2 folder with CncNet patch.
  22. Hello thanks for the fast response. When i play skrimish using cncnet client choosing ais the game lags too. i tried videobackbuffer on and it laggs even more. But i have another yuris revenge installed on my second harddrive which is not cncnet patched and when i play skrimish there its at full speed. I tried cncnet online patch on the second drive and it gave the same lag so it haves something to do with the cncnet client and my system (i guess) I used to play on Xwis servers for years on the same system and never had those issues i really hope that my problem can be fixed i really like it here on CncNet. Hey - the developers have just discussed this in chat, and possibly identified what the cause could be. Could you try renaming game.dat to gamemd.exe and running gamemd.exe and see if you have the same lag problem in skirmish play ? I renamed game.dat to gamemd.exe and it recieved a YR logo on it but when i try to open it gives the following error '' Error - unable to set the video mode '' I tried to start a game vs ais using cncnet client again and it still lags Edit: Ive been to the properties of gamemd.exe and give it full administrator permissions for all applications&users but the error still occurs when i try to open gamemd.exe
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