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  1. study rulesmd.ini by urself
  2. yuri can't shoot in bf with balance patch,give yr a weapon in bf pls ,M60E, GGI , init weapon and so on…
  3. yuri bf can't shoot with balance patch,give yr a weapon in bf pls ,M60E, GGI , init weapon and so on…
  4. Electronic products do not have a 100% yield, Logitech g502se is a very good mouse, very good touch button! Double click is just an individual phenomenon, you can directly after-sale, or replace the microswitch yourself ez ,don't follow suit。
  5. https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r. u cant get it in taobao of china
  6. AN2 cheat player,he make me quit game when i will win him soon,Its equivalent to switching directly to the observer, all construction units are dead。
  7. 会用繁体字的地区不会鸟语?
  8. Press i'm ready many times ,bu its Not prepared states all the time 。
  9. waste 2 much time to find a low ping room.... Picture is an example。
  10. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/10698-lan-crashes/#comment-78991
  11. lhtkick

    lan crashes

    Yes, It's need to be fixed. @grant
  12. www.ra2.club \ DL Ra2 and YR
  13. Bcz someone can't click/interact with the players button, alt+tab back desktop screen,then go back game, U can click the players button and kick him successfuly now. Yes,its a bug of ra2&yr.
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