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  1. That worked. Thank you! Also, it has been years since I've done this but how would I go about changing the Ion, Nuke, Paradroppers times to 0 and constantly fire and deploy. Thank you!
  2. Is there a INI file in the CNCnet folder to change the paradroppers time and unit drop?? I Also want to edit the grand cannon for faster range and more powerful shots.
  3. I'm running origin btw. so I'm assuming everything was automatically updated. No modded files in my folder what so ever. What kind of bug would it be if I have the same version as everybody else?
  4. Keeps saying I'm not using the same files as everybody else but says in the main menu that I'm updated to the current version of 4.24..
  5. Anyone know how to do that with map editor for a map I'm trying to make... Would help me out a ton! Thanks!
  6. I would love for RA2 to be touched up a bit. Bug fixes, resolution fix, better multiplayer options.. Keep the campaign and videos though.
  7. That's nice.. just tell him to reinstall his operating system and go through a whole nother process when he could just uninstall his anti virus...
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