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  1. @Grant more and more player use it in qm.
  2. AN2 cheat player,he make me quit game when i will win him soon,Its equivalent to switching directly to the observer, all construction units are dead。
  3. 1.Every little bit of time is important in pro player's game. You can save a lot of time with this tool,2.Shouldn't assistive tools be banned?
  4. Many China Ra2 “Pro ” player use Mouse point tool in QM ,they r dirty players , cheat players!!! Using aids tools can save a lot of time,One click is equivalent to 10 times, so its not a fair game play with a normal player. I am a player who really love redalert from china,Shame on those dirty players. Top few in ra2 QM , a lot of Chinese dirty players who use mouse point tools。 Please check this behavior to maintain the game environment,tks 红警2.zip
  5. 会用繁体字的地区不会鸟语?
  6. Press i'm ready many times ,bu its Not prepared states all the time 。
  7. waste 2 much time to find a low ping room.... Picture is an example。
  8. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/10698-lan-crashes/#comment-78991
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