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  1. very true. If you are his ally and you lose, oh man be prepared for a verbal abuse and ban the next game. Weaponx is one of the top 3 worst allies to have for this very reason.
  2. Admins - The poll's results right here prove the players are divided. If your are really serious about bringing ladder activity up. Please allow all maps to be enjoyed so all players can play the map agreed upon.
  3. This is a clear indication why there needs to be a toggle switch for VET patch on Tiberian Sun. If some people think it's cool and they want to play it, then by all means go for it. (I believe its setup this way for CNC Tiberian Dawn). But leave the old TS game we all grew up and love alone. As for the ladder activity - if you want more games? Allow all maps in so the majority of TS players can play (modders). Let the players choose if they want to test their skills on the map that is set.
  4. What needs to be done is allow all maps to be included in the tourney games to get more activity. Modders can't compete on WW maps that's a fact, but modder's might stand a chance if the WW player plays on the mod map to prove his skill. I haven't played the tourney with vet maps and never will with those edits done. Once there is change I will participate.
  5. anyone else getting this virus alert when trying to log on tiberian sun? Suggestions? @FunkyFr3sh
  6. I don't typically post here. But LOL at that game. who ever is the guy commentarying really sucks bad. Who the hell makes 2 harvs while on 1 ref, plus after sending an eng+inf rush lol.
  7. One of the things that I like best about Cncnet !!! I agree. This was one of the great features I like here about CNC net. I vote do NOT take it off! Choosing RANDOM faction on TS is good enough.
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