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  1. Lol! I love how Kane quoted me in his signature line on S-T with that 😅 I cant recall the specific context, but im pretty sure it was actually a friend of mine who didn't think Kane actually ever played, and was just a made-up name that people threw around to intimidate new players -- or something along those lines 😅
  2. I didn't want to bump this too hard (or get into the millionth fruitless discussion about 'best ever'), but just a little correction: --BA-- wasn't actually all that big on XWIS; most of the clans reputation was established from the first generation of players who were absolutely dominant on WOL (burner, breznov (the real one, not the one on here now ), downdariv, vegeta, etc.). The fact that we had the majority of top players in the game is what allowed the --BA-- name to carry on through to XWIS after the WW Forums closed (everyone went to C-S, DGNF, --BA-- forums and Om3rta forums, kind of cementing the legend) and it's from those forums that XCL / XWIS was created. Don't get me wrong, we got our fair share of Rank 1's post-WOL, but the clan was a shadow of what it formerly was. The top-tier guys game-wide felt massively slighted by EA's complete disregard towards the community when they 1) shut down the forums, 2) stopped tending to the ladders, 3) completely stopped chat and 4) eventually shut down the server. Most of them left within a few months of the ladder pushes and blatant cheating (like pres IFVs), and didn't really care to put too much effort or time into XWIS - either because they were at that age that they just stopped really gaming competitively, or because they moved on to other titles (like WC3). So as not to make this completely irrelevant to the OP's topic, i'd say best ever in terms of accomplishments and knowledge has to go to Tomi. But as a caveat: if you put the best ever in a series of 1v1's all at their primes (Tomi, Kane, burner, brez, downd, veg, daso, henl, and the guys today like marko, andy, latof, whoever else), i think it'd be impossible to say who actually wins, and it'd probably be somebody different every time. The peak of this game isn't as high as it is in other games, and seeing as it's been stagnant since YR's last patch over 15 years ago there really hasn't been a need to develop new strategies / tactics. Innovation ended when the patches did, unfortunately. When a game gets to that point, it becomes more and more about the tiny details, and the separation of skill becomes almost negligible. I also saw Sammo mentioned - and although I really liked the guy, i wouldn't put him in a 'best ever' category. The dude was really good -- at a pro level -- but if youi're talking all-time best, then i'd have to say no. For perspective: i beat him ~3-4 times, as well as pretty much everyone I played the one month i took QM seriously (including awaz, who took rank 1 that month) -- all except tomi (december 06, right before i went to bootcamp). i got two names in the top 10 that month, and one of the nicks nobody knew it was me, but swore it was w0nna or sammo. And that's not to toot my own horn, but simply show that there was another level past where I would have considered us at. Whereas we were top players, the guys up above were in a class of their own.
  3. I haven't seen very many RA2 games the few times I've been on; the community seems to have switched to YR. But I've been looking around for some games as well, if you're ever on again :)
  4. Finally stopped being lazy and got around to fixing my laptop and getting some games on it. I got RA2 / YR installed and I'm looking for some games. Anyone around that may know me and still play? I hopped on a bit tonight and saw an AuF guy, but most of the other games i've run into are "crates, 5 units" etc. if anyone's on, lemme know and maybe we can play a bit. my nick on here is Chrono69x
  5. As stated by others - not a bug. This is a purposefully built in feature; you can't accidentally program the animals to have a value attached to them. As such, players need to be aware of the maps quirks before they decide to play them
  6. I can't be certain - it's been years once we've talked, but I believe miamijc's name was Jason (hence the JC at the end) I'm pretty sure I was the only Tony in --ba-- I remember when I first started getting into the community the WW forums were still open and I lurked around those. That first month ir0nclad was towards the top of the rankings and my friend (Blade4242) and I had just each hit rank 900 something. He ended up getting matched with clad and canceled out of the game lmao Looking back, it would have been a great opportunity to really see him play. Unfortunately for us, it was another year before wed both join --ba-- and ir0nclad had already moved on to WC3 by then :-(
  7. Chris (veg), dkwolf, intagrand, murlaw, miamijc and henl all had styles of play that I thoroughly enjoyed for different reasons, and ultimately that I wish I could have emulated more. But, to try and break it down: Veg - intelligent game play utilizing gaps and spies very effectively Dkwolf - very aggressive with little downtime in between attacks Intagrand - dedicated to optimizing builds at a time when many others weren't as concerned with that Murlaw - incredible awareness - this dude saw everything. ESPECIALLY impressive when you learn he was deaf Miamijc - took me under his wing when I got to --ba-- and just was all around intelligent. Taught me the "whys" of the game. Henl - all around incredible. Very meticulous. Really didn't let any resources, units or actions go to waste
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