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  1. https://www.youtube.com/user/tonysskeleton/videos
  2. Anyone wanna join me?
  3. Afraid not. No more applications. :yo: far as i remember i asked zigzag not you Adam I thought you are busy if im correct??!! :ivan: I am busy, I don't play. You try play, still fail tho. :unsure:
  4. wow good tourny bro.
  5. Think he's just taking the piss Dave! ha
  6. Afraid not. No more applications. :yo:
  7. Is this still going on? Jesus. XD
  8. nice to see you come across to the yuri server
  9. you can download RA2 from XWIS if you have a valid serial number / account on Xwis Forums. Then download / install yuris
  10. Adam

    Resolution Problem

    tried it with different render setting?
  11. https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge
  12. who's your mate? and give me 2 times in your time zone and tell me your time zone...one time for today and one time for tommorrow that you can play your match. otherwise im going to have to move on with tourney....i been on last 2 days and havnt seen you...but i played all day yesterday with Nawb. most of these guys use skype as it is quick direct communication vs sending emails. you see why we had issues brah? :laugh:
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