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  1. TL:DR topic - OP poster mentally deranged.
  2. Spacebar hotkey provides a black screen full of various instructions , and to hide it requires pressing of said again, this in a game is a torture when trying to control in a high paced scenario. I've tried resetting hotkey to different key(s) and a worse effect happens, it brings you the game settings options, can we look into this as I know a few people who hate this. thanks.
  3. honestly cant believe ive posted here in 2015 where the f did the time go man ,
  4. DaZiReLaN


    hi , I play ra1 on a laptop and if ever i click a key that takes me to desktop by mistake the screen goes black on my game , whats the solution
  5. upload bettzeugs player cards , assign bounty points in relation to skill , gain 100 points for killing DaZiRelan and 3 for Kaizen gg no re
  6. you'll be missed ollie ya big kangaroo !
  7. Carnage > Trz > C0rps > Honda > nuff said no1 else worth mentioning
  8. ollie - trz (marginal) > honda >
  9. hey my keyboards set up that the F1 to F8 does various things like brighten screen etc any solutions folkz
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