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  1. You only have to have RA2 installed, and then grab the CnCNet installer found on the site. There's no cd-key verification system, so any installation of RA2 will work, any.

  2. This topic is really interesting to me. The reason for that is because I remember when I was young I played a random map and managed to get ore spread very very far, and these days never managed to see it anymore. This was however on RA2 and not YR... Maybe it got changed in YR?

    Someone should check both Vanilla RA2 and Vanilla YR

  3. They removed it to make RA2 mode more authentic. It makes sense to give RA2 only the RA2 soundtrack, but YR is a EXPANSION PACK, and should have BOTH soundtracks. Hate that they removed it, since now I mostly only hear the YR soundtrack

  4. I hate MISSING for doing this. All those survivals are stolen and he just slapped his shitty edits over it, yet EVERYONE host them now. Really the most negative thing I noticed when I came back to CnCnet

    Not all of them have the MISSING in the title, so it discredit the actual creators and he credit himself for slapping his shit edits in it.

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