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  1. hes beaten you, corps, dazireland many other players the only person that he has admitted beats him regular is carnage. let go of it trz, you lost .
  2. lol! andthis pretty much sums up the entire thread. benny > trz
  3. what we are witnessing here is Ts history... about 5 years after the game died. the facts: benny returns after a big break, beats u... you got angry... as you are probably top 5 out of 15 players who still remain and want to re him... he obviously does some weird rush strat that fucks you up, infront of some people, and you have gone into massive over-rage. you publicly challenge him on forums, he comes on, accepts, beats you, and your STILL calling him out, when hes not even replying!! its absolutely hilarious how worked up u are getting, but the facts remain he has gotten the better of u. maybe next time u win him 12x in a row (i know for a fact this didnt happen) make ss's, or videos, like you normally do vs everyone else (corpsmakr) benny > trz
  4. Delusional player playing a dead game and trying so hard to be considered top 5 (out of probably 15 good players lol) accept the fact no one rated u when it mattered (and old pros are returning after ten years and still owning you)
  5. Yet u sit here and are clearly getting worked up over someone that u don't even rate ? If he was new u wouldn't be getting so worked up. Hard fact is he has beaten u with specs and u are yet to beat him more than once in a row. So it's ripping u up that this guy can return to ts and humiliate you on the only thing in your life that seems to matter lol. just accept some people used to own this game (and kinda still do even after a huge break)
  6. Might be new to gdi as I only play nod but I'm also not blind and have witnessed benny owning u which is why ur so bitter grow up
  7. i think the fact benny has only replied once (after being challenged by u then beating you) and ur still going on about it speaks volumes about how delusional u really are trz. Just accept the fact he has beaten u (as many of us have witnessed) and move on he clearly doesn't want any involvement with you lol
  8. Anyone have link or pics to show how best to hit a 1 shot with disruptir I can never do it !!
  9. The new Nvidia graphics update affected my game I had to roll back driver on windows 7
  10. You would never see the greats rage and ban ppl if their weaker allie made a mistake carnage was great 1on1 but his rage made him suffer in 2on2 although when he was with a strong allie i do believe he was unbeatable
  11. U can't make up stats ive lost so much respect for you benny is such a nice guy and a very strong player I've seen him beat you and make it look easy I have also been told how he's beaten u with specs more times than u have beaten him how u can resort to say u have beaten him on a name hide is making you look like a dick. Top 5 1v1 / 2on2 September 2015 :- Carnage Grey Benny Corpsmakr Trz (though your 2on2 lets u down )
  12. Why do you resort to name calling when you get heated? I think your forgetting i watched the two 1v1 u had with benny with japi also and u were lucky to win from bl he just messed his attack up and then u eventually came back but all u did was say how bad he was after nearly getting ko. Then he came back and destroyed you as top right. There's no way you could win him 9x in a row, and even if you did you would have many screenshots or videos showing that u won (which u don't ) I don't even think you have beaten corpsmakr as there never seems to be specs. You are a proven liar and regularly use vpn to hide your alias yet u are the first to moan when someone else does it. I think it really hurts u that benny is actually a top guy who's old school and it's taken u many years after he's quit to be almost as good as him. And how u can say benny is spawn when spawn and him played yesterday and he truly destroyed spawn in both 2on2 and 1on1 so I guess u will just have to keep on guessing with that one
  13. Where's your screenshots of you ever beating benny trz ? Because the game I watched he destroyed you
  14. terrible attitude you had but no doubt a great 1v1 player. Think u had a lot of work to do on your 2on2 to be considered one of the greats though. A shame we couldn't of seen you in the 2000 era
  15. trz I think u are a great player but you are a proven liar. You are known to post screenshot time after time when you beat someone (like with corps) but from what I've witnessed bent has got the better of u most times there is spectators present. U can moan about 1 ref but this isn't an easy tactic to pull off no matter what level the game is. I think you should just accept that he has returned and has got the better of u . For him to come online and beat u in front of 2 specs who he doesn't know and then u call him 6/10 makes you look pathetic
  16. Totally agree with you phenomena. Not enough good players anymore to have any sort of mix up with a good tournament would probably struggle to find 8 good teams half the community don't get on anyway.
  17. There's not enough top players to have any deciding 2on2 game tournament it's the same people winning as soon as u see them allow and any team with carnage is obviously going to win. Maybe do not allow the top players to become allies and let them pick other players. For example carnage corpsmakr greyhonda benny then allow them to pick an allie each from the next best players (don't forget, the rest is not as active as these so we don't even know if thy will turn up) would much rather see a 3on3 tournament would even pump some cash into it .
  18. Could also split the priZe obey then amongst the winning team. 40 captain 40 to then guy who is kept for terrace (if they win) and 20 to the guy who helped on the forest fires 3on3. Think there would be some amazing strategy like MRLS rushes middle bridge rushes apc down the river it's making me Excited thinking about it
  19. I think the best ww players should all be put in a table and then captains are chosen out of the top 4. For example #1 carnage # 2 corpsmakr From this, they both have the choice to pick 2 players from the remaining list of top WW players eg: Phenomena. Nate. Benny. Energy. Microsoft. Sick speed. Trz. Plus many more. for a 3on3 forest fires war (of course with space for a admin who is unbiased to watch over games for deliberate disconnects when someone dies. I think this would open it up for very nice tactics and community bonding and strategy between the players. I think you could potentially have 5-6 teams of 3 players, all of whom can hold their own and then the winners of the ff games can drop one player and play the final on terraces? Carnage humble energy vs Corpsmakr dazirland Nate Benny sickspeed Microsoft Trz phenomena d3stroyer Just think it would be much more interesting as this game was built on clan ladder and team spirit and sometimes the players who are great 1on1 really seem to struggle in 3on3s . Notable player also would be japi he has an excellent team game
  20. Sky legend and he made the map tower defence carnage . Benny . Corps . Trz. In that order. I believe of corps mixed more with the other his he would be higher and benny has been inactive for over a decade and is already owning it up
  21. Engineer rush doesn't really show much
  22. My login is actually busteruk I and i have spectated many games recently and I'm going on my own personal experience of what I've seen. You have about 20 different logins trz so it's hard to keep up with who you are. I remember you challenging benny in front of myself japi and one more person and, with spectators, he beat u comfortably from bl and was very close to beating u from tr. I have watched beat almost every good player but he himself admits carnage is in another league. Also trz u have to respect that u have been playing constantly and he's been back four weeks. I watched mammy2k beat trz in 1on1 and also vice versa I also witnessed benny quite comfortably beat corpsmakr from tr terrace and you also watched it trz. You have a vendetta against him for some reason, maybe because he's a natural talent and that scares you I don't know. I believe we should have an exhibition match of benny greyhonda carnage trz corps daz Ireland after all have been returned to Tiberian sun for a few months I think there would definitely be some upsets.
  23. Who's the best active players on Ts? From what I have been viewing Westwood and mod games trying to discover some talent here's my findings. 1 carnage 2 benny 3 corpsmakr 4 trz 5 greyhonda 6 mammy2k1 these are the best players I've noticed always very consistent carnage seems to be unbeatable 1on1 but is also a very strong allienin 2on2. Benny is an excellent 2on2 player and quite relaxed. Corpsmakr I don't see very often playing but he is another strong 2on2 player. Trz would be higher but he seems to struggle with carnage and blames allies too much. Only seen smokey aka greyhonda a few times but he was an excellent player. Best modders I've seen are momodog lime mouse daz Ireland and puzzibaer. Consistency is key and all these players are regularly consistent. It takes a long time to get good at Ts I am still strugglingn to adjust to Westwood games after having a three year break but I will get there
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