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  1. Hello, You have been removed from the ban list. When you come online, please message me and we can further discuss. Thanks - Rosssi
  2. Break, To answer your question, yes you deserve a 30 day ban. Stop insulting admins and players on CNC Net. Like I said before I gave you plenty of chances, but you keep ruining your chances. Insulting me and threatening my family will get you banned.
  3. Hi Carlos, Thanks for your concern. Rules are needed to make sure everyone is respecting players and having a good time. There's no reason why we would need profanity or discrimination in the lobby. If we didn't have rules in the lobby, players would continue to swear and cause problems with other players. Our goal is for everyone to have a positive and enjoyable experience on CNC Net. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
  4. Vardoc, You were banned because you were using peoples names. You continue to do this week by week. I've warned you plenty of times not to do this, but you continue. I don't ban or kick people for no reason, and there's always a reason behind it. Please stop using people's names, and you won't be banned from the server. Why do you continue to log in as other players and start causing issues in the lobby?
  5. Break, We have rules for a reason, and that's to keep the chat friendly. If you can't follow the rules, why do you continue to come back? If we didn't have rules, we would have non stop profanity. SpamServ is part if GameSurge
  6. Break, The problem is you have no respect for authority. I have warned you many times, to respect me and other admins. And you clearly don't. You continue to make polls, swear at people, and threaten peoples family. I gave you numerous warnings before and you don't listen. You insulted me for almost 30 minutes without me even kicking or banning you. <Rosssi> (28) [09:35 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> and i murder ur family <Rosssi> (28) [09:35 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> after i rape them When you start talking about my family and how you want to rape them, I'm definitely going ban you. There's no reason why you should say you will murder the family and rape them. If you like I can pull plenty of logs showing how disrespectful you are towards funky and the admin team.
  7. Rosssi


    Pleb, I would have to look into and see why you were banned.
  8. Hello, This is Rosssi. I gave you a fair share of warnings before I banned and removed you from the group. You were being rude and obnoxious towards other players and spamming the bot. I asked you numerous of times to please stop and you did not listen. If you like I can pull the logs, and show you exactly what you did wrong. We have rules in the chat room and we would like all our players to follow them, and not cause any problems between other members. If a player continues to Swear, talk about religion or politics you will be removed from the chat. I'm a very fair Admin and give plenty of warnings about the topics. Why wouldn't you listen when I gave you warnings before being removed from the chat?
  9. Rosssi


    Hello, You were extremely rude and disrespectful towards myself and other players. I gave you plenty of chances before you were muted and you still didn't follow the rules. We don't accept swearing or negative feedback towards players and admins. Please be respectful and courteous to all players. You will be removed from the mute list by tomorrow night. Thank you,
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