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  1. I completely agree, with the test ladder been available atleast. I feel like Ra2 YR has been put first because it has a great community of players who work with each other and lots of mods who work really hard to support the game! It's such a shame that red alert 1 doesn't have the same sort of community! Instead we just have toxic trolls arguing with each other and people out for themselves and not each other, it's really holding the game back! I hope cncnet will realise the error in not focusing on the red alert 1 ladder soon also! As their are far more people playing red alert 1 and i remember how many logged into red alert just for the ladder back when alpha ladder was available. Hopefully people will find more time this winter to offer their support to red alert 1 and the community can try to support the game more. We have and still have many trolls who as I said insult, bully and deter others from playing.... they wouldn't stand for this on red Alert 2 and ban would be instant, I praise the ra2 community as always for been so strong and progressing how it has, well done guys! I hope red alert 1 can learn and progress also!
  2. Hey guys I just wanted to note, if people are reporting in GMC successes, they should also provide evidence. I can see some People have been doing this, which is great! It's a shame we don't have permenant mods online to manage stuff like this. I'm sure their are a few people willing to do it. Cheers
  3. We were promised a fixed ladder for summer, so I don't understand how it's not even been worked on? Red alert 1 is the most active and prosperous game, why would they be focusint on TS and YR first? Logic doesn't seem to exist here
  4. Just generally wondering what the situation is with the red alert ladder? How is progress coming along and how far off is it? I thought cncnet was aiming for it to be finished this summer? Cheers for info
  5. This message "The system cannot find the specified cncnet5.exe" now comes up when i try to enter red alert, i noticed earlier tonight that a lot of people were having the same problem, my anti virus has blocked some files from red alert from opening saying they contain a virus... im running an anti virus check now, but does anyone have any info on this problem, lots of people seem to having trouble with this, as i said, chat was spammed with this problem tonight. I tried reinstalling the game, and it just keeps getting blocked. Whys this happening now? its ran fine since iv had the laptop. EDIT: WINDOWS SMARTSCREEN IS STOPPING ME FROM INSTALLING THE RED ALERT FILE CNCNET5.EXE FOR SOME REASON LAST NIGHT THE GAME WOULDNT RESTART MY ANTI VIRUS SAID RED ALERT WAS CARRYING A VIRUS AND SHUT IT DOWN, CAN SOME 1 HELP ME OR WHAT? SORRY CAPS CBA RETYPING IN NORMAL. IM A VERY ACTIVE PLAYER SO SOME HELP WOULD BE NICE LIKE!!!? ANYTIME SOON?
  6. hahahahahah 1992, typical from someone who played it on ps1 for a year or 2 as a kid then comes online thinking their rocky balboa. XD :D :D
  7. Thank you also, for your hard work, time and effort, hifi.
  8. Im happy to see a ladder on cncnet, as are many people, but over the last few months during the "beta test" the ladder has not functioned to an adequate standard in my opinion and i hope the issues are looked into and fixed before the actual ladder begins. I know this has been a so called "beta" but simple things like the ladder resetting on time, in this months case it didnt reset until the 3rd, well its a bit sloppy lets be honest. I had 4 games which didnt even record onto the system as did other people who iv spoke to over the past few months. Also last month the ladder went down for over a week and i must say it had a huge effect on its activity, obviously during the down period, but after the ladder was back up on the 21st, barely anyone bothered to play and sat out the last week in which the ladder saw barely any activity. Im actually suprised cncnet chose to reset the ladder at this time, because in just 5 days of it been active this month, people had almost reached the amount of points, that it had taken an entire month to gain previously, the activity this month was great and we saw more players participating in the ladder and playing on cncnet solely to compete in the ladder, playing and speaking to people i learnt this. I was also a little mad about the reset as i was rank 1 haha, but nevermind. I also hope to see the past champions page updated and i hope for small improvements like, resetting the ladder on time and updating the past champions page on time, as these do make a huge difference. Thanks and i hope for the best for the future of CnCnet.
  9. This is what i like to see, an old style theme been updated to something fresher and modern, great work funky.
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