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  1. How is Cory not in there? I play gg's too lol
  2. All those units are used in high level games your just not high level i guess. The only unit you named off that is pretty much total shit vs someone with good tc is tesla tanks out range them and 5-6 shot them so they are useless pretty much i would mind seeing them buffed a bit. but then there are deso so teslas are practically pointless in high level games pros will punish you for spending money on them. Yuri is the other it can just be ran over or a pack of dogs can rape them... but flak boats, masterminds, apoc tanks, and all else u listed are extremely used. I use them anytime i need them the flak boat owns really nicely apoc/deso push owns allies mass mirage... you need to learn the game mate. Patching the great game would be a sin. Best video game in history. enough said. gtfo n00b jk
  3. Total fucking bullshit man... Yeah you guys have a ladder for all the games but not for YR the most popular one of them all. wtf is wrong with you people... Telling us you would have one im waiting checking here a few times a week checkin out the server and now it's not happening? utter bullshit weve been promised the ladder was in the works for months and not you say there wont be one? what a joke. Also, Alex could do it for you guys but you won't allow that either, perfect. ra2/yr are competitive games the ladder is what makes it so good only true pro will understand that.
  4. Bomber791

    YR lives

    Yes I only go there when i cant find QM on xwis and I still rately do that as AUF said only ffg's get really boring.
  5. Hey its Cory from ra2. Any of you play ra3 wanna play me?
  6. If you're pro enough you can go for 1 more then oppenent. That's what i do on med size - big size maps... small maps its not as beneficial.
  7. Bomber791

    YR lives

    No offense cnc admin but dude those other games are way dead.... Ra2/Yr is considered dead by some but still has 1000's of active players though... It will most definately increase the activity on YR. I bet it does reach over 1000 online at once when its released. If it ever is released that it.... :ranting:
  8. Bomber791

    YR lives

    Yah that would acctually make sense because they have ladders for all the other games id be on like 5x more if they had a ladder so i bet a lot of others would be too i bet we would pass 1000 people online at once before long O_o
  9. Bomber791

    YR lives

    A ladder would make cncnet blow up in activity.
  10. What is wish is you guys spend time working on a ladder rather then things that don't really matter like this. Just sayin'
  11. Bomber791


    I suggest you get Alex to help... I mean I don't see why not he is amazing at this kind of stuff... It's reasonable for cncnet to pay him a reasonable fee. I think Alex would be reasonable he enjoys ra2 and competitive ra2/yr as much as the next good player.
  12. Bomber791


    Hi admins of CNCNET. I was just curious about a ladder for red alert 2 yuris revenge. Do you guys know when it will be active? Are you guys currently working on it? Thanks
  13. I would play cncnet only if they had ladder for yr/ra2 only reaosn i play xwis is for ladder/competition...
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