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  1. Hi all.... As the title is suggesting, I am looking for a utility that will allow me perform the following: 1) Install Mods w/o having to uninstall other mods 2) Select a specific mod to play prior to launching the game I have tried the Zero Hour Mod Manager by Kevin McKelvin (don't remember which site I downloaded it from). Unfortunately I was unable to figure out how to get the mods to appear in the first place. I think the utility is a way to package the mods first and foremost.
  2. As of 1920Hrs Arizona time, it will take ~9.5Hrs to download the 5GB that is needed to install CnC4 from Origin. I will provide a verdict on the version for Tiberium Twilight available from Origin, then I will uninstall the game
  3. I was referring to an app like Xilisoft's Audio Converter, which btw is a multi-format converter. For the record the most common music (and I mean music only) players generally don't support flac files so I went looking for a way to generate high definition audio files myself and I found a website about an HD version of the mp3 standard. the catch is that you have to create the audio files from wave files. Before you comment about what I have said so far, mp3hd files will play w/o the HD filter inplace as standard mp3 files. in term of size the files are slightly larger that base mp3 files, but smaller that flac or wave files and they retain lossless quality. I have uploaded a zip file containing the toolkit (cmd line), directshow filter (Windows Media Player), winamp plugin, and input_plugin so you can see what I am talking about here: https://mega.nz/#!VZ4FAQwB
  4. I have purchased the above mentioned title twice, but I haven't played the game for any true amount of time. I would like to know if there are players of the game on this forum that will make the game more bearable. My main reason for not enjoying the title is because the game requires you to login before playing the game's campaign (else no co-op) but also for tracking progress. Oh... BTW, I didn't like how they setup the MCV tree(s), where you have to pick a specific MCV to use for each mission If you have played this game, what are you're thoughts about it?
  5. I thought the RA3 server(s) went down when GameSpy ended support for Comrade?
  6. I know, its like if you want these files in mp3 format you need to purchase an audio file converter (if you don't use iTunes). Personally I prefer to start with wav files so I can generate mp3hd audio files
  7. Hi all, My only issue with TS/FS (RA2/YR also) is an in-game menu issue, where I see a silver bar in the middle of the area where the menu is suppose to be. I have to press "Alt+Tab" twice to be able to see the menu(s) as they appear in my client. My game version is TFD w/ unofficial patch 1.03 rev4, installed to a custom directory tree (not enough space on my OS Drive (default install location)). Systems Specs are listed below. I had a workaround in Windows 7 were I could simulate a VGA connection that matched my screen resolution (1366x768) with VideoBackBuffer=no (added to the sun.ini, also in the same file I set the resolution to the max supported for my screen) and I could see the menu(s) ingame. When I updated the OS to Windows 10, I lost the ability to simulate a secondary display again, which put me back to square one I understand that the patch in the first post for this game is not compatible with the unofficial 1.03rev4 patch (no-cd patch included), I do have a copy of the game digitally as part of the Ultimate Collection via Origin, but I did not install it because I already have the game installed. A question that I do have for the patch though is as follows: during install can I specify a non-default path if I don't have the space were the install was supposed to be by default? System details: MSI S6000-017US 15.6" Laptop OS:: Windows 10 Pro x64 GPU:: Intel Core-i5 HD Graphics (Max Resolution: 1366x768, 1x HDMI and 1x VGA) CPU:: Intel Core-i5 450M HDD:: 1.12TB SSD/HDD (single drive case) ODD:: Super-Multi DVD/CD Burner ====================== March 5, 2016 ================================================= Think I fixed my problem for Tiberium Sun by editing the shortcut to force windowed mode in 16-bit colour. Waiting for Red Alert 2 to launch so I can verify the same solution for it, then I will apply and verify the same fix for Yuri's Revenge
  8. us.7digital.com also lists EA Soundtracks, which is were I have acquired my game scores which include the Need For Speed and Mass Effect series as well.
  9. the link to the solution takes you to the top of the forums at alliances.commandandconquer.com, what was the thread for the solution, and which post was it?
  10. Hi all, I have a problem that is occurring in both Tiberium Sun (w/ Firestorm) and Red Alert 2 (w/ Yuri's Revenge). The problem is that when I launch the game I have to "Alt+TAB" both out of the game and back into the game in order to properly view the game menus. I originally had this issue with Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and my original work around was to trick the VGA connection on my laptop to think that I have another display connected (set to the same resolution, which 1366x768) as my primary display. This issue has resurfaced after upgrading to Windows 10 Professional x64, however this time I am unable to trick the VGA connection to think that I have a secondary display connected. All of my drivers are up to date for the age of my laptop. Any thoughts on this would be helpful System Specs: Manufacturer:: Microstar International (MSI) Model:: S6000-017US OS:: Windows 10 Professional x64 CPU:: Intel Core i5-450M (2.4GHz) RAM:: 8 GB DDR3 (forgot bus speed) GPU:: Intel HD GMA (Core-i5) HDD:: 1.12TB HDD ODD:: Super-Multi DVD Sound:: Realtek HD Audio
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