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  1. No need to be sorry bro , this is just my opinion , you can agree or disagree but no need to feel bad etc --my point is the upgrades to the MK are simply an advantage for the guys who have played for 20 years and who play terrace . Would you not agree that these upgrades benefit the older players first off ? Of course this could encourage players to perhaps try and integrate the MK in to their game but naturally the older players would use the MK a lot more than players who haven't played as long , so in turn its an advantage for the already experienced players . My point to the other guy who started the thread was play the non upgrade maps then no-one has an advantage , so naturally the game is fairer if a young buck comes up against an old war horse . To the point you made about different skill levels if there is a player who is better than you why should he have a little more advantage by getting a 1 shot kill MK ? surely its better to keep the upgrades to a minimum then the game is based on skill with the tools you have and not on upgrades? Cheers Tomo
  2. its basically a way for the 10 guys who have played this game for 20 years to get a further advantage over any new players , I would even consider it a cheat for the elites and have it banned . The latest maps 1.6 beta are even worse than 1.5 , it gets to a stage where the MK kills titans in 1 shot , that in my eyes is a joke , but hey its just a game I suppose . Play the non juiced upped maps to make it a fairer game . Cheers
  3. well it wasn't really Nodrescue to start with , he just joined in. Supafly aka Supanoob suggested I 'knew where his stealth was' after i killed it -- (if you actually look at his video he recorded you can see the stealth flashes just before the dizzie lands ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIOVg05VxNI&feature=youtu.be ) and Nodrescue said yes in agreement , this meant they both were suggesting I was cheating -- I offered ss and Nodrescue said yes but then Supanoob said an SS is worth nothing take a video -- so i took the mobile phone out and to a 90 second video . Now Supanoob is saying he's had past problems with me disrespecting him and other modders avoiding the real reason were all here listening to this BS which was he and nodrescue implied I was cheating -- and basically trying to deny he said anything about me 'knowing where his stealth was' . Amazing how now hes denying accusing me of it at all since iv'e produced the evidence (ss and video) to counter his 'claim' . He wont just apologise and say he was wrong , i think this guy is 40-50 years of age so he should know better than acting like a child when he loses and crying 'cheat' cheat' etc. Obviously he hasn't matured with age -- Cheers Tomo
  4. we have moved on since you got owned and you started crying , https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=7127.0 you can see in your own video that you were dumb enough to send me the link to you clearly said and i quote 'he knew that was there' , then you can see me offering and SS for which you said VIDEO --so i made a video -- The problem with you Supanoob is you don't like better players in your game , because you get owned , you like playing with newbs who are worse than you , that's the truth , you need to man up and apologise -- the SS is there , the Video is there but Supanoob cant admit he was wrong and he simply doesnt like better players making him look like noobrescue LMFAO
  5. Update on the Supafly AKA SUPANOOB SAGA -- Ive been posting the link to my video proving I wasn't cheating (with ss included) but Supanewb wont apologise , instead hes trying to tell me that i'm a bad person blah blah and that the sky is green etc. But hes avoiding the part of apologizing for him and nodrescue accusing me of cheating in the game , he says the video i posted was poor quality and proves nothing (its on a mobile phone taken at the time dummy) and pete aka Noobrescue said I might have been using 2 computers and had 2 spots in the game -- the other spot being his allie -- yep you heard it here first , but anyway back to supafly AKA Supanewb-- not only will he not apologize he actually recorded that game himself -- and guess what folks --he paged me the link to it LMFAO -- So sit back grab the tea and crumpets and watch Jimmywippet bang his battyhole (no lube) . He calls my scout at the start questionable (i used APC'S ) only god knows what he means by that and the lag at the end of the game (this was when i went back to windows to come to cnc and post the ss + video ) Hes trying to imply god knows what -- Supanoob you truly are gold dust m8 , thank you for this 20 minutes of comedy on behalf of everybody --just thank you LMFAO O_o O_o O_o O_o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIOVg05VxNI&feature=youtu.be ORIGINAL SS AND LINK TO MY VIDEO FROM MOBILE PHONE ALSO ATTACHED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOUeruzDs0w
  6. Tomo


    ok I can understand that , I will continue on my crusade and spread the word of God , thanks Tomo
  7. Tomo


    guys , Quick Question -=- I thought this server was cheat free ? Ie built in Anti Cheat Codes etc -- Why suddenly over the last few weeks have people started the accusing and asking for screenshots / videos -- Also I have seen maybe 7-8 re connection errors in the last week , where i don't think in total for the last year i have seen that amount of re-cons . Does this mean the weasels have found a way to map/cheat again ? cheers Tomo
  8. ss for doctor dizz as requested -- cheers Tomo
  9. heres the link for the video for NEWB Supafly AKA (SUPANEWB) And nodrescue -- I want apologies -- cheers Tomo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOUeruzDs0w
  10. ok will do . I will upload to youtube and post link here --- thanks Mr Ferret
  11. Can an Admin help please . Trying to upload a video and an ss from a game last night -- i have 2 posts already still awaiting approval by a moderator -- is anyone at home today ?
  12. newbs tried to say i was mapping in there newb Giants of War map . I bum raped Supafly AKA SUPANOOB and he cried cheat/mapper. I offered an ss which they said was worth nothing and asked me to take a video-- so i got the mobile phone out and took the video . I know newbs like these guys are common in the mod maps of Tiberiun sun and when they get destroyed by a superior player they cry 'cheat' but they get beaten because they have only experienced 20-30% of the game ie mod maps -- they don't understand how to play the game properly ie on ww maps so this is why when they come up against any half decent player they dont understand how they get raped so fast so they automatically assume its cheating , but again this because they don't understand the game yet even though they have been playing for many years -- i want an apology from supanoob (supafly) and i want an apology from nodrescue for encouraging newbs like supafly to cry cheat in the game when they get raped . Go and learn how to play Tiberian Sun first before you accuse superior players of cheating - the link to the video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOUeruzDs0w - cheers Tomo
  13. Hi , Any Admins online ? --- Im trying to post an SS and a Video from a Game last night . Every time i try and post a new topic in Tiberiun sun it doesnt go through --any help would be appreciated Cheers Tomo
  14. Guys , a bit late in the day for feedback so apologies . I have been meaning to do this over the last 6 months but better late then never . I play a mixture of mods and WW (mainly Tezz) with my m8's online (log is Jimmywippet mainly) and I must say a big thank you to all the admin guys who have put this together . I have many reasons for congratulating you on the way you have put this together but the first and most important one in my eyes is you have eradicated Cheating. Way back when on Xwis (ive been playing for 5 years) the main thing i hated was the cheating , lesser beings mapping which made the game in my eyes flawed . I'm a direct and honest person in real life so i don't believe in Lying or cheating so back then when i was beaten in a 1 vs 1 or a multiplayer I always had in the back of my mind the thought that the person was possibly cheating so i had no real respect for my opponent even when i'm sure on many occasions he was playing fair . So if you can imagine i loved playing but hated the game due to the lack of transparency and fairness . Now when i'm playing some great games which i'm enjoying but crucially when i lose I do not have that sneaky suspicion in the back of my head is the other guy cheating as i used to . I can simply say GG WP and the guy simply played better than me and deserved to win the game , this then gives me the incentive to go again , try to improve and see if I can try and bring myself above that guys level and beat him . Naturally i'm mainly talking about playing tezz here which i must say from being a lowly modder back on xwis who rarely ventured into the brutal WW World back then i'm now playing 1 vs 1's against some strong opponent's and actually winning a few . I struggle still against the top level players Like TRZ ,Ray , Ollie , but i'm competing against the medium Level WW Players and winning a few . Again the Point here is I'm enjoying playing the game , enjoying the competition and I'm improving after each beating i take . I have you guys to thank for that so as we say where i'm originally from and for what its worth ' I take my Hat off to you' . Other good points about the server. 1. The spectator function --fantastic for 1vs1's --- learning new BO's /Strategy from stronger players. Also allows modders into the WW world without being kicked from games and I think slowly is pulling more modders over to the WW Maps (which i think should be the natural progression for players) 2 . Friends list -- Good to see who's on , I have most ww players as friends (even though they dont know it) and i ask for 1 vs 1 s occasionally to see where my game level is at when my usual sparring partners are not on . 3. The genuine concern about the game from the Admin Guys as this was non existent on Xwis. These things are all improvements to the game which for me has sucked me back into having great fun on this game when I had almost given up on it so again I must thank all the guys who have worked on this from the start and continue to try and improve the game for its players . Oh on a separate note guys the one person not happy with the server being in such a good state is the wife . She hates this game and hates you all (her words) . :mad: Kind regards :D :D Tom
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