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  1. I had a look around and couldn't see a similar warning so I thought i'd post one here. Though it didn't use to (in my experience) uninstalling the CnC client appears now to take with it the Yuri's Revenge maps and custom maps folders, removing all the custom maps you may have in said folder. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the client a few times and not run aground on this before. But now I have. BACK UP YOUR CUSTOM MAPS BEFORE UNINSTALLING THE CLIENT. It will seem elementary to some and unnecessary busy work to others; to the latter, I beseech you: take heed from my utter fucked-ness, file fuckery can come from anywhere.
  2. If it helps, this is the error message that comes up. As the client loads it never gets passed Heck Freezes Over [8], after what sounds like weighty processor exertion.
  3. Just updated to the most recent patch (thin released today). Client crashes now How can revert back an update & can this be fixed? Crash log included below. ClientCrashLog_14_9_2017_22_36.txt
  4. My friends and I want to spectate AI's fighting each other, I can spectate them on my own but with others spectating the match just ends. Any chance of having this option?
  5. Bump This is still a persisting issue for me. Keenly seeking advice & aid.
  6. Hello from the future. This is something i'm encountering now too. Maybe it correlates with the size of the map? Since a certain update it appears larger maps won't upload to the data base.
  7. I've seen intermittent issues of not loading, but thats always over-come with repeat attempts. Thus far it is only a mild irritant. On a tangent: maps are outright failing to upload to the CNC database now though, or suffering internal errors moments into starting - that correlates with the update.
  8. In the CNC client, Final Alert custom maps seem to fail to upload to the CNC database - and therefore can't be played with others online. Even maps that used to work before, maps that have had something minimal altered, like their lighting adjusted and save under a new name, don't seem to make it to the CNC database. On a (hopefully) tangential note, it appears maps that did reached the database still CTD with an internal error.
  9. BlankHand

    Error Updating

    Yup, went through without issue. Well Fixed!
  10. BlankHand

    Error Updating

    I do believe i'm having the same error? Will give it half an hour and try downloading manually too.
  11. This is a tremendously thorough answer, thank you. Going against grain may seem counter-productive and multiple players in a slot certainly would be in, say, a fair 4 player free for all. Though in the name of farcing around or toying with the AI or developing senarios it might be wonderful to see. I do take your point about a max of 8 players of course. I take your point about the MP colors too, interesting that they're seperate from the SP ones. And indeed, looking at the radar and what not, I can now see where the grey color is used. That Brown though, eh? Wouldn't mind a poo army of conscripts XD Thanks Tomsons.
  12. After chats with other players in the YR Client lobby I was wondering if it was possible to allow us to have more than one player in a map number/position slot. I know its not possible at present, but in a future update? It may be slightly disorderly but 5v5 options on preexisting maps is something a number of us like the idea of. I don't believe i've come across many original maps that were designed as 2v2 but have been re-made for 3v3 combat; besides, enabling it from the client would cut out the need to download them. Further to that, a greater range of team colours to choose from would service this too. The original campaign had Brown, White and Black teams. Is there a possibility that these could be enabled for multiplayer also? And maybe even more added? With just those three additional colours it would allow for maps with a total of 11 players in them! So in short, would it kindly be possible to see: Multiple players inhabit a single starting position Additional colours to choose from Genuinely, i'm only asking out of curiosity and a little hope, not an indignant demand. :mammoth:
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