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  1. k0bra1

    Clan Ladder

    would be great to have it built into CNCnet, just need a volunteer with REST API knowledge... could be hard!
  2. Hey, Please check out this thread:
  3. Great stats, keep them coming!
  4. Please add my stream: Latest stream was the RA1 2v2 tournament finals from Saturday.
  5. Damn, no one done GMC in a while?!
  6. That's odd, have you tried incognito on your PC? I would try again.
  7. k0bra1

    2v2 Best Tactics

    Each map has different strategies, then it depends on your individual skills to what you should do. A lot of variables for a blanket answer.
  8. Have you tried Game Controls then Scroll Speed?
  9. k0bra1


    Hello, Not sure if this is the correct forum, so please feel free to move it. I had a suggestion on the chat functionality on cncnet. Basically it would be to enable group chat - similar function to so WhatsAp. So a clan could create a group and chat in. Not sure if it is possible or not but I thought it would be a good function. Thanks
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