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  1. I have no plans for another one but @Zhasulan have plans to organize a tourney on Oil in Center map
  2. Final round: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3ysmr1TTnw
  3. Results of 5/6th groups: 5th group: Zhasulan - 39 (final) Yukine - 32 Vordik - 32 ZloyFizik - 31 NAZ_UA - 22 Kirov - 12 6th group: [R]Gamzat001 - 34 (final) killer17 - 33 Yukine - 32 Vordik - 28 NAZ_UA - 23 WURTH_PT - 18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I38kGAm3h20
  4. Next round (5th) will be played Wednesday 13 March 8pm MSK time (6pm CET)
  5. no players came, 5th round postponed. It will be played next week (during the week). The finals will be on next Saturday
  6. Please note that we may late 30-60 mins today
  7. Results: 2nd group Sonny - 33 (winner) SoF_Villain - 30 ZAIN - 29 Vordik - 29 vaka - 27 NAZ_UA - 20 3rd group: vaka - 37 (winner) Zhasulan - 36 Lol - 35 gravity98 - 23 WURTH_PT - 22 ZloyFizik - 15 4th group (played 7 rounds only) Zain - 34 (winner) Zhasulan -28 gravity98 -26 ico0 -23 Lol -20 WURTH_PT -20 Next Groups schedule 5. 9 March 8 pm MSK (6pm CET, 12am EST) 6. 9 March 10 pm MSK (8pm CET, 2pm EST)
  8. Groups 2nd and 3rd: 2nd: NAZ_UA ZAIN SoF_Villain vaka Vordik Sonny 3rd: Lol ZHas WURTH_PT gravity98 ico0 .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jds_tXWsQQ
  9. 2nd and 3rd tours will be played tomorrow one by one starting from 8 pm MSK (6pm CET, 12am EST) Stream: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyux6AyDWxWC9I99kDul-3A
  10. So, guess it was better to post that link
  11. Hmm, and how it help me here? 🤣Do you see the difference between single elimination (ur picture) and groups / tours / stages? 🤣
  12. You need to put Andy's avatar there 🤣🤣
  13. Hi all! Updated list of players. See it in the first post. Notes: 1. All requests after 11th record will contain timestamp to allow me to order them by time. Some posts here requires some pre moderation. Once I see such posts I will update the players list based on the timestamp. 2. 2nd and 3rd tours will be played on 2nd March one by one You can explain your ideas via vk.com. I think you know my account there
  14. NOTE: Some posts with registration are not shown immediately I think it's because cncnet forum requires moderation for users who signed up recently (but I'm not sure). I sent a question to admin to clarify me that point. Anyway, you can post a registration here: (VK is a russian social network like facebook) https://vk.com/topic-178223849_39546664 I will add more players to the list tonight and will order them by the time of submitting the request. Please note that,
  15. 1. Who did say I hate you? LOL. Any proofs? 2. TBH I have a lot of ideas but limited time. Also, I'm not sure I need your ideas OR your ideas need me. You have a lot of followers and viewers and you can organize a tournament without me. It's reasonable. 3. Regarding the next tournament, I'd like to complete the current one and then analyze it. 4. Also, I don't mind if someone organize another tournament with some changes in the rules.
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