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  1. i know this might be a noob question but i can't find an answer for it.. or i'm searching for the wrong thing, when i place the walls in the custom map, they dont get connected to each other, is there a fix to this?
  2. omg, ty, didn't think about that because i never saw extra power plants in custom maps, guess they just hide them outside of the map.
  3. how can i place neutral defenses like yuri's Gatling gun that would shoot on any approaching players.
  4. just trying to make a custom map for me and my friends and all i want to do is add some neutral defenses to slow down the pace of the game a little, please help
  5. i just deleted everything in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Command and Conquer Red Alert II\Maps\Custom" except for "Custom maps.txt"(i am guessing came with the game), and now i am not getting the error anymore, guessing it's just one of the custom maps i received while playing. thanks a lot for your help! i hope this thread could help other commanders who search for this topic
  6. disabled bitdefender and was able to copy the files, and finally able to start the launcher, but i was hit with another problem "CNCMaps has stopped working" and keeps popping up everytime i close it
  7. just did what Grant said by moving my installation folder, that worked, but trying to copy the file back to programfiles, everything copied except for "rampastring.xnaui.dll" which gives me the error "You need permission to perform this action", also bitdefender is being very aggressive at removing this dll file even when i exclude the folder it's in.
  8. having the exact same problem as HPF, i just tried to allow the installer exclusion into firewall and antifvirus(bitdefender) and still have the problem, is there a way to install the cnc launcher in a different location and just copying the files over to the game folder?
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