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  1. I hope its a red alert 2 remaster, if you guys marketed it well and got it onto steam you could have yourselves a real esports rts on the market. You have a lot of regions with high level players. Either way I'm happy the franchise is being looked at in this way1
  2. [NRA]Rocketeer


    RIP Jason, really nice guy and a pillar in the community. I will keep my nick in our 2v2 xwis clan!
  3. [NRA]Rocketeer

    What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    Allied are the real MvP's! I always found bashing sovs boring after time
  4. [NRA]Rocketeer

    Lets talk about noobs

    I used to help new players at XWIS, was part of the buddy team and we focused on the new guys or any one seeking help. My problem with RA2/YR now is that my passion has gone, i play other games competitively but still have a spot in my heart for RA2, i enjoy just coming online and having fun. If any new guys need help, drop me a DM (happy to help)
  5. [NRA]Rocketeer

    OldSchool Clanner

    Mainly played on Rocketeer, had nicks like iMWaY2Hi, CuZiMLeeT, PrismTank few others (hard to remember i was 10 when i first started playing this game). I used to play lots with Jules (aCnCTanK) lots with Cotty too. used to play alot with Foxi, Fabi, Fonger, Pat, Sash. Was Martin (LaSHrTank) in scandi i forgot. We will have some games if you want dude
  6. [NRA]Rocketeer

    OldSchool Clanner

    Scandi was probably the best clan on RA2 during high activity
  7. [NRA]Rocketeer

    OldSchool Clanner

    Hey Biz, old face nice to see, if you fancy some games hmu
  8. [NRA]Rocketeer

    December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Guys i'm on tonight. Prep DM me your skype so we can stay in tune too dude
  9. [NRA]Rocketeer

    December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Can we do the weekend i'm avaliable all day each day as i'm working from home @XXxPrePxX @JSDS
  10. [NRA]Rocketeer

    December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    i can be on tonight too 6-11pm UK time
  11. [NRA]Rocketeer

    POLL - Quick (Ranked) Match Map Pool Size

    the more the better :)!
  12. [NRA]Rocketeer

    December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    I'm avaliable today 8 hours from now and then 4/5 hours of online time.
  13. [NRA]Rocketeer

    December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    @XXxPrePxX i'll be on today, works christmas do on Saturday so was a mess yesterday! lol!
  14. [NRA]Rocketeer

    December Holiday 2v2 Tournament Sign up

    I'll be in this weekend barring Saturday night as its the works christmas party. other than that i'm free
  15. [NRA]Rocketeer

    December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    I'm online for games