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  1. Andy, do you mean because the radar gets too small or clicking accuracy became an issue (or both)? Also, I'm curious what size screen you're playing on. I imagine that has to factor in.
  2. What about a more manageable question? The pool of great Yuri players is probably a bit smaller. Who has/had the best Yuri?
  3. I saw someone who presented themselves as Tomi in chat on Marsh’s stream a few weeks ago. He seemed interested, but insisted he didn’t feel like coming back at this time. If he did, that would be interesting, to say the least.
  4. I hate, hate, hate Engi rushing, drone rushing, etc. as much as anyone. But I just don't understand how engi eat can get thrown in the same category. There’s some luck involved, yes, but typically it all follows the same rules. If you don’t want your engineers eaten, protect them with dogs or don't stretch to those oils until you can.
  5. Favorite bigger map? Hard to pick, honestly. I like Heartland and Golden State Freeway because they can turn on a dime. Favorite small map? It's hard for me to not say Little Big Lake. Even with the advantage going to bottom, there are so many small battles to be fought and different ways it can unfold.
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