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  1. rothmans


    Hi guys! How to change colors to this? I'm doing a mod with cnc client as support ...
  2. rothmans

    [YR] My map pack

    Unzip it and place it in the folder where the game is installed.
  3. rothmans

    [YR] My map pack

    Wow !! How do you generate that preview ??
  4. rothmans

    We need your help to translate CnCNet

    no, in spanish, no...by now
  5. rothmans

    We need your help to translate CnCNet

    im doing yuris revenge in spanish, with voices and text
  6. rothmans


    How to make cnc client, read all my modifications (rulesmd.ini, artmd.ini, expandmd.mix, ecachemd.mix, etc)? And how do I read my "loadingscreen"?