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  1. ChallengerX_Pro

    How to beat yuri?

    how to beat ? nerf them
  2. ChallengerX_Pro

    Unable to load maps (RD2 YR)

    show extension file before rename to .map type
  3. ChallengerX_Pro

    CnCNet Custom Maps - submit yours!

    Meat Nebula.map
  4. ChallengerX_Pro

    CnCNet Custom Maps - submit yours!

    CAMPY FESTIVAL (2) YRcampfest1v1.yrm
  5. AI will producing or train engineer don't forgot set teamtype in AI triggers
  6. if better use AI Triggers instead but AI is Random so i don't know
  7. ChallengerX_Pro

    Symmetrical map ?

    Dawn Divine Face to the fued Winter has Coming Not release yet
  8. ChallengerX_Pro

    Multiplayer crash after 10 min

    becuz your friends or some people didn't select ddraw in renderer options
  9. ChallengerX_Pro

    Massive increase in 'this user may be a cheater' warnings

    it random but if you see other people use hidden mcv or soviet built yuri mcv and build or train stolentech without spy stolen maybe cheat
  10. ChallengerX_Pro

    [YR] MapPack by Morton

    in vanilla lighting are different
  11. ChallengerX_Pro

    [4] Europe (RR + YR)

    Can you make this map ? like boracay map
  12. ChallengerX_Pro

    Can we have a custom map high res map preview?

  13. ChallengerX_Pro

    New Map! Tectonic Plates(3-6)

    i think you need improve yourself
  14. ChallengerX_Pro

    Red Resurrection

    RR discord https://discord.gg/euzS5e7
  15. ChallengerX_Pro

    Red Resurrection

    need training and micro all unit are balance and more techqnic