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  1. I second that. Played with AI using naval map, the only things that they keep sending if they're allied are robot tanks/rocketeers/jets. That's it. Even that, it's just in small numbers and doesn't really have any impact on you. I believe (don't have the exact statistics though) that quite a large numbers of users do play against AI most of the time. Mine included. Because I don't always have a stable and unlimited internet connection all the time, so I have to resort playing with AI instead. Plus the CNCNET version of Yuri's Revenge has far more extra options to choose from compared to the original game, and it's also generally more stable. Less prone to crash. But the AI performance is not that impressive, even when I tick the "Brutal AI" in the option list. I just wish the CNCNET developers here could do something to improve it. But interestingly, I found that the AI can be really brutal if you play them in "Unholy Alliance" mode. Where the numbers of built increase greatly. But this mode doesn't have lots of maps.
  2. This is great! I wish you could make it more user-friendly for easier access. Or perhaps, put all those maps in a single zip folder sortable by year/number of players/map type, and provide us the links for download.
  3. Hello guys. Just asking if anyone of you have this map? I have searched all over the forum including the one here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3806-ra2-yr-maps-a-ginormous-collection-of-maps/ But to no avail. Thanks in advance.
  4. Yet, another terms for game type that I have difficulty "deciphering". Some are self-explanatory, I get it. GAME TYPE Battle: Free For All: Meat Grinder: ? Unholy Alliance: Naval War: Team Alliance: Cooperative: Land Rush: ? Megawealth: ? Standard: Meatgrind: ? Navalwar: Nukewar: Airwar: Duel: ? Teamgame:
  5. Hello everyone, I'm new here in this forum. So, first of all let me praise the CNCNET team for bringing this great platform to the masses. It works extremely well. I'm using Windows 10 (Creators Update) - via Boot Camp, MacBook Pro Retina Early 2015. I'm 29 years old and Red Alert 2 is like my childhood game. I stopped playing it like 7 years ago, too busy with life and never-ending higher education (I'm doing PhD right now). It's still very addictive as before. It took me just one game, and I'm hooked. Now it's even better since I can play against human player which is a lot more fun compared to boring and predictable computer's AI. So, this is my comeback after a long time. Anyway, there are some terms that I don't really understand and I hope you guys could help me out. Some of these are kind of self-explanatory, I get it, but some are just doesn't make any sense. I have tried with Google search, but nothing came up. The same for this Forum search. I guess nobody had asked this before. Just quick explanation of these terms will do. This will hopefully be indexed by Google and newcomers can do quick search to find this. Thanks in advanced! TERMS & EXPLANATION: Short Game: MCV Repacks: Crates Appear: Multi Engineer: Ingame Allying: No Dog Engineer Kills: Brutal AI: Destroyable Bridges: Superweapons: Build Off Ally ConYards: Red Alert 2 Mode: No Spawn Previews:
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