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  1. It is a really shame but I have to report that in China there are many guys cheating in mutiplayer games in Mental Omega on CnCNet. This makes many players fear to join a pubilc game lobby.The situation is not good at all.Are there any ways to prevent cheating? I have tried one cheat tool. It has many cheat functions but most of them can not function in mutiplayer games.I think it must be the result of the hard working of the WestWood studio and you CnCNet groups to eradicate cheating. However,there are still a few functions that still works.The cheat tool, which seems to cheat through editing the data in computer's memory,can still do such things: 1.Change the sight of the unit you select,then make most of the shroud removed. How much shroud one player has removed seems won't sync with other players so it won't cause sync error? 2.Break the limits of building structures. That's to say, cheaters can build everywhere. Maybe the judgement on building structures is local and won't cause sync error? 3.Break the limits of tech level or other things to produce a unit. I have no idea how it managed to do this,but the cheater can build every units registered in ini files,ignoring building limits. Meanwhile,players with modified ini files seem still able to start games with others and the warning "the player modified his game" seems appear for everyone,including innocent ones.We players have no idea when join in a public game lobby. Cheat problems are serious nowadays in Mental Omega.Are there any ways to prevent these kinds of cheating? We players need your technical help.
  2. just a report(or maybe 'retell'? ) of a Chinese tunnei server who once hosted a tunnel : "The cncnet-tunnel program costs too much memory as time goes because it won't release memory itself. Once it cost up to 4.5G memory. So I stopped and gave up hosting the tunnel. btw, the tunnel name can not be saved,that's strange" Nowadays,Chinese tunnels on Cncnet is becoming less and less and we have to use German tunnels or the others.I wonder that could you polish the tunnel program so that I can tell this tunnei server or other potential servers who gave up because this? No offensive, just a question.My English could not be so native to you.
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