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  1. wow! thankyou! im looking forward to this :) awesome stuff dude.
  2. Ham


    Are the expansions for Red Alert 1 included in the "full game" download hosted on this site? or do i have to get them selsewhere/ use origin?
  3. Hello all, my cutscenes seem to freeze periodically, its not a massive problem but was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and/or has a solution. I am using the correct version and using the downloaded video pack. Also i love that this place exists and the work they have done.
  4. correct me if im wrong, but doesnt destroying the enemies construction yard and war factory pretty much guarantee you a win? I mean using bombers, ion cannon, cluster missile, hunter seeker pretty much guarantees killing one of these buildings. or even just using a subterranean apc packed with engineers. i love tiberian sun but max tech level or allowing AI to use said units/superweapons ruins the game for me. And as for online play or against a friend etc, it kinda makes other units/ strategies redundant if i know the best way to win is simply destroying Construction yard. (which i can accomplish without even bothering to kill the enemies units/ or assaulting their base) i havnt played tib sun for years and i was never a pro or even close, so any advice, suggestions would be welcome.
  5. As the title suggests, whats the best rendere'er for RA2? currently set to TS-DDRAW. i dont know too much about this in all honesty.
  6. Ham

    RA2 Yuri's

    thankyou, i probably should have looked on the forum more thoroughly, cheers anyway
  7. Ham

    RA2 Yuri's

    Just a quick question, i have the ultimate collection on origin, but cannot achieve 1920x1080. If i was to use the cncnet.org launcher, will i still be able to play skirmish and single player? i like the original UI and dont want to use cncnet launcher if it gives me less options (would rather just edit .ini files to achieve 1920 in that case).
  8. As title suggests, gets boring playing against AI. Find me in the CNCNET Discord
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