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  1. was fine yesterday, exited, when finished, caused graphics crash now trying to play nothing happened when i opened it from the launcher, went to the folder launched from game.exe and got it in a small window, its now doing this for everything... its ignoring all the settings in the C&C.NET launcher
  2. Keep it the same, same music etc, no messing with units, although it would be interesting to build the gunboat unit somewhere, also skirmish mode, once I have done the missions, that's it, there is nothing.
  3. the cnc client fixed YR, however any fixed I have tried have broke both YR without fixing RA2 (the client fixed YR again..) tried making the .ini information the same, but that hasn't done anything, odd this, why is one working fine but the other not? I want to play the single player campaigns in RA2, which I can not do from YR, what other changes am I looking for to fix the menus?
  4. just for a bit of fun, is this possible?
  5. no, the problem was solved anyway, had to change something in the .ini and no, I wanted the AI to be the AI, and fight everyone, it was everything including hunter seekers ffs
  6. any way to do this, other then changing the red zone? really dislike it, as AI usually sell on red, don't want to mess about with red zones, especially trying to steal war factories as I can't build them (or even any way to rename those so they turn up as Allies war factory or Soviet war factory in game?)
  7. that is the default then, it wasn't set to happen on the original, and oddly enough I was looking for .ini file last night and couldn't seem to find any rules.ini to change, managed to download the .ini and change that line, and it does indeed fix it.
  8. the AI in RA DOES cheat, I mean, playing single player campaigns as Soviets, Allies attack with helicopters from nowhere later on, when Allies its worse, SU seem ti get free migs AND helecoptors as well as better paradrops
  9. its a bug I think, play FFA you see the exact same, one player gets defeated, then everything comes at you, even Hunter seekers.
  10. everything AI, I played disc version and this was not the behaviour at all, they used to fight each other, with the odd missile being sent my way, now its: game starts, peaceful for a few minutes as they hit another AI player. then every Missile, Ion Cannon and Hunter seeker droid come at me, basically impossible to play the mode properly with this going on, and nor is it how it behaved in the disc version... every hunter seeker droid as well? to me shows something is flawed somewhere. doesn't even matter on AI difficulty, always the same.
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