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  1. dirtybob

    *New Map* Blood Diamonds

    Great work ❤️ Is this balanced? I like the details and the different feelings. There are some little tile errors (espc. at madagascar) and I personally don't like the dinosaurs. But the rest is awesome!
  2. dirtybob

    *New Map* The Revolt 6 Vs. 2

    ppl are always complaining. hehe. Some strange spirit in cncnet sometimes. But good players will worship it most times. Diamonds look too much IMHO. I think 4 players with 15000 ore each and 2 playersw ith 30000 ore will work fine. Also keep in mind, that diamonds give money a lot faster than ore. 🙂
  3. dirtybob

    [8] Transatlantique Diplomatique

    FYI I tested this map several times now. The concept works - it's very fun for 2vs2vs2vs2 (Westeurope, Easteurope, Africa, America). Some say America is OP, because they have no natural enemy. Well that's true. But in my games it was always balanced because the weakest players (automatically) took these spots. If USA went too strong players also allied (like west+east europe). This map brings a nice dynamic and feeling, which is different from others.
  4. dirtybob

    Final Alert Bitmap import

    For those of you who wonder how to import a bitmap (there's no tutorial yet AFAIK). You have to create a bitmap, f.e. with microsoft paint. Maximum size is IMHO 150x150 PX. If you have another size FA will resize it automatically to max 150px. You can also shape the terrain : LIGHT GREEN : Light Grass DARK GREEN : Dark Grass BL'UE : Water YELLOW : Sand There might be a way to import trees and so on, but I didn't figure it out yet. It works if you save it with "MS paint" as *.bmp. Alternative: You can save it as a bitmap without color information (dunno how it's called in english) : . You can use the free program "GIMP" if you want. If you don't save it that way Final Alert will import it wrong, most times it shows a completely green map without any details. Afterwards open Final Alert 2 and click on New Map -> Import from Bitmap -> Choose File. Enjoy!
  5. dirtybob

    [8] Transatlantique Diplomatique

    @XXxPrePxX call me insane, but I made a better version. This one is balanced and much bigger . I hope you like it !
  6. dirtybob

    [8] Transatlantique Diplomatique

    @XXxPrePxX To you first point : Yes US is overpowered. BUT - I intend this to be a more diplomatic play map, so every player is aware that he will lose against the big papa from us when he loses all his attention in the little conflicts on his close border. Especially med/pro players are aware. So it could be fun to see GB + Africa to build naval units f.e. to prevent US from having naval supremacy. To your second point : I'm worried too about the close starting spots. But I didn't know what else to do. But I built the ore that way, that players can build their own stuff without conflict for a while (except north america). Though it seems to be tough to build f.e. for the middle east spot, you can build all building you need there. Ore for the middle east spot is at turkey (no reproduction) at middle east (no reproduction) at egypt (reproduction) and at greece (reproduction). Due to the oil towers this spot has the lowest ore reproduction . You have long time no interest-conflict with greece, but might have one early on with egypt. To your third point : Yes germany has a real hard spot (like in reality). It's the hardest to defend, but the best economic point. It seems to be a good idea for germany to ally whether with france or russia. I'm not sure yet if the map will play out well. I had no online battle yet. I will send feedback and will improve things if needed. You might also play this map as 4 player. Thanks a lot for your feedback! Appreciate it!
  7. A huge map to feel the transatlantic pressure first hand 😉 For 4vs4, 2vs2vs2vs2, for FFA or for diplomatic play (FFA + ally) I hope u like it. diplomatique transatlantique (2.1 - big version).map Concept: This is a transatlantic map. Important cities are represented by oil derricks. All other ressources are completely balanced. North America Oil Derricks : New York, Washington, Atlanta, Nashville, Toronto, Montreal. Bonus : Airfield (Chicago) + seperated from most other players. + good to defend if naval supremacy + good air & naval play - bad land play - only 1 big ore field - less oil than in europe+africa -has to reach naval supremacy. West Europe Oil Derricks : Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Mailand, London, Stockholm Bonus : Machine Stop (Rome) + good to expand early on + good naval play + good land play - in the centre of the storm East Europe Oil Derricks : Moscow, Kiew, Athens, Istanbul, Warschau, Riga Bonus : Secret Lab (Minsk) + good to expand early on + good land play - bad naval play Africa Oil Derricks : Jerusalem, Kairo, Tunis, Marrakesh, Damaskus Bonus : Hospital (Tripolis) + good to defend + good naval play - hard to expand - less oil than other players Edit: 19-05-18 This is a new version (2-0) - much bigger (more space!). 20-05-18 Little improvements. Added some city styles. Water improvemets. @FReQuEnZy @ChallengerX_Pro @YosefAnan @McPwny @XXxPrePxX
  8. dirtybob

    *New Map* The Revolt 6 Vs. 2

    looks interesting. have you played it in the cncnet? whats the feedback?
  9. dirtybob

    [4] Blizzard

    Good work. I like the islands.
  10. dirtybob

    [2] Official Tournament Map P

    awesome thanks
  11. dirtybob

    [4] Blizzard

    This is the original map isn't it?
  12. dirtybob

    *New Map* Free Land

    what does " - - Spy sat come with radar - - " mean? Map looks fun.
  13. FYI : I played it several times now. This is the best version for casual players. I got good feedback. The other version (without climate change) is for more pro players who want to have a more diverse late game. But not everyone is happy with that vast space and the need to expand. Some say the map has ally favor. But that's mainly because of the scouting work u have to do as a russian. If you know the map you can also perform pretty well as a soviet, especially because you have near starting bases and can do rushes.
  14. dirtybob

    [YR] - Twigz Map - Up to 8 players in 4 teams

    what does the secret lab do?