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  1. dirtybob

    access flood problem

    will do so next time
  2. dirtybob

    Red Resurrection

    I just discovered this nice mod. Seems to have pretty interesting game mechanic changes. Much slower, more micromanaging. More naval and so on. Seems like noone is playing it in the lobby. If someone wants to play it just PM me or write in this thread.
  3. dirtybob

    access flood problem

    Hi there, when I kick more than 2 players as a host (doesn't has to be directly in a row) the game is closed by the server due to an "access flood". This is extremely annoying, especially if you host large games (6-8). I hope this "bug" will be fixed soon.
  4. dirtybob

    Side 2 Side [MAP]

    I was one of the testers when it was crazy yuri stuff 😖. Now it seems to be much better. What I am missing : * contested ore fields * expanding possibilities * more interesting terrain (f.e. little islands, hills etc.) What I like : * Good look * Balanced * Not too much ore Good work buddy.
  5. dirtybob

    rules ini + multiplayer

    Hi, I'm pretty sure this was already discussed but I couldn't find it in the tutorials or via search. If you edit the rules ini, is it possible to have a multiplayer map with this (like with other paratroopers and stuff like that) ? I'm pretty sure it is. But how ? Can you link a tutorial? + How to have a high resolution map preview in cncnet + map credits ? Thanks in advance!
  6. dirtybob

    Making Rocks and Stones and Sound FX

    great idea!
  7. dirtybob

    Do you guys play KKnD2?

    yeah this game is really similiar to RA2 - didn't know it yet @Dzierzan
  8. dirtybob

    My first map

    @Kikematamitos plz don't feed the troll
  9. dirtybob

    Chrono Vortex's Content Hub

    Great ideas! Really great man! Loved this scene on wtf map : https://youtu.be/vVRTaadT0H4?t=10m36s "The apocalypse tank is unfair advantage"
  10. dirtybob

    My first map

    I can imagine that it is about rushing? Beacuse no player has ressources in mid & late game?
  11. dirtybob

    My first map

    Ore hub looks good. bit too much of green grass but in general a nice idea. i don't know if it is a good idea to have just 4 ore fields with no ore in the center - did u play this on cncnet - how was the dynamic?
  12. dirtybob

    CloseCombat Map

    Fair maps don't have to be mirrored maps 😉 Anyways there are also some decent "unfair" maps, which are designed like 1vs2 or 2vs3. This map looks a bit like 1vs7, which is too much for a human to take, maybe it would work vs. AI, dunno. You should try your map in cncnet to get direct feedback.
  13. dirtybob

    CloseCombat Map

    well, uh..not in my opinion. extra small has no ore, so all spots are balanced in that way. it has also no position where a single player has advantage etc.etc.
  14. dirtybob

    CloseCombat Map

    yeah but this is not balanced, not evne close. so people will leave when they see this mappreview in cncnet.
  15. dirtybob

    CloseCombat Map

    Welcome! Good you are here. Frequency wrote a lot of tutorials about how to make a decent map. My main critics : Not made for multiplayer (I don't play vs. AI, so this map is nothing for me) No details in the terrain (much of LAT tiles) - which makes it boring and a bit ugly. Don't take this too serious - I'm sure your next map will be better! Thanks for this anyways!