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  1. I don't have an answer to this. I just wanted to say that both my laptop and pc also say that there's a trojan horse.
  2. Yes there indeed will quickly be a lack of resources. I wanted to make units more valuable instead of people going for massive armies. And especially defenses since players would normally just go arround them. Thanks for the feedback btw!
  3. I want this pillar to cast a shadow on the road but it will have a roadtile underneath it. To solve this I would just have to copy and paste the upper tile from the other version, however I can not seem to find out how to select any tiles.
  4. Pretty creative with the oil derricks
  5. Oh yeah how did I forget.. Here's a screenie
  6. I wanted to create a map that fits perfectly within 1920 x 1080. 44 x 73 tiles in game. MINIRENA.MPR
  7. I am trying to create a mission like map but when I test it in a skirmish battle all of the walls that I have placed down have disappeared. Getting them from Base or Structures doesn't make a difference and setting their owner to Neutral doesn't work either.
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