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  1. Hello, i cannot udate the client.. it always aborts while downloading and i get the error message: Update failed An error occured while updating. Returned error was: Too many retries for downloading Qt\sceneparsers\assimpsceneimport.dll If you are connected to the internet and your firewall isn't blocking clientdx.exe, and the issue is reproducible, contact us at forums.cncnet.org/forums/11-support/ for support. So, i tried several times, reinstalled game and client, nothing helped.. i also realized it took ages to update since the error (like 56k speed..), so the error stays and here i am reporting this problem. best regards [edit] update take 2 hrs for ~80% and now stuck, nothing happens.. so something really is faulty on the updateserver i think!?
  2. my apologize for this but this shouldn't counted as loss and certainly not for me..
  3. i have taken a video from it and tell me what i did wrong.. https://youtu.be/aUDHOMlGq5s
  4. what indicators you use to decide what it looks like? 1. if its written lean, there was a problem (bail, error or dc - this should be this game) 2. if its written in bold, it a ledgit game and a real loss if you have a plug, its a connection problem (and it should be 1.) for me, this looks like second but it was listed as 1. but it wasnt..
  5. this is the link to the laddergame: https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/5-2020/yr/games/160558
  6. Yuris Revenge Quick Match Ladder 1on1 why do i loose points if the other player "bail", the game didnt get started "properly"? i was in the game but mcv didnt deployed, then abort screen from the opponent and i get the loose? this cant be for real.. is this a bug in the ladder that the ladder randomly roll the dice who will get the loss?.. greetz
  7. Oh what, ... i really didnt see it, that helps alot thanks But i figured out another problem, you cannot block other players shown with a question mark in front of her nicknames in the Lobby anymore, there just nothing happend if you click it and it didnt shown a stop sign also. You still can read the messages and the specific player can page you, further your old blocked players are not blocked anymore if they now shown with a question mark in front of her nicknames.. and thats 95% by the players. Maybe you have a solution for this, only players with Yuri symbol (for example) in front of you can block. And there is another thing, you cannot find the unique played ID in the client document anymore of the most players since the last update, they just "not in", i think its the same problem because the players has a question mark in front of, this players are just outside.. thanks
  8. After the latest patches you always hear a "pling" sound if somebody opens a room, so you have to disable the whole client volume to 0 to avoid this annoying problem. but then you cant hear someone paging you, joining your room and so on, can you may please make a button to disable this specific sound or patch this "problem"? this would be great greetz
  9. nice, problem seems be solved with this clientxna file, ty ))
  10. Why does some updates always destroy the possibility to play the game? My friend got the same issue.. and it runs fine before 5.2🙄
  11. The fix for 4.10 (update to 4.11) worked for me, thanks. Copied the extracted folder and files into the cnc directionary and replaced it.
  12. I updated to version 4.10 after a client crash (dont know what version i had before, was ingame while crash) and now i have the same error message. The patch for 4.09 doesnt works too.
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