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  1. By the way, I have swiched gdi opengl directX and auto render, I also set MAXFPS=60、58, however, the Ra2/YR cursor still flickers violently, compatible XPSP3 or None is useless. My eyes can not bear it, and if I patch ts-ddraw, the RA2 will freeze. so I decide use my old ddraw.dll. I hope u can fix the issue at the next version. good luck!
  2. Lol, Hi, @FunkyFr3sh in this topic https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8350-new-ts-ddraw-release-tiberian-sun-red-alert-2-yuris-revenge/ you uploaded new TS-DDraw release (Tiberian Sun / Red Alert 2 / Yuri's Revenge), the version is Now, you give me DDRAW's version is What differences between 2 versions? And only have config file for CNC/RA95, are there not for TS/RA2 config file?
  3. Yes and thanks for your all work. Thank you for your patience in answering all my questions. I am honored to be the first person to report on this issue. I hope to express my respect for your work through my careful tests. You know, although there will be some Chinese players in cncnet, but language is still a barrier for most Chinese players, especially for such an old game. Actually, I wanna tell more and more friends around me that they can use cncnet products. However, they always ask me some problem and question. When a compatible problem appears, restricted by language barriers, they can not obtain any help. I wanna help them just like u help me Now, I have no other question, if possible, can u tell Iran that let him fix the little issue about cast pictures? Maybe can u tell me What time 3.03p final not beta or 3.04 version will be distributed? after all, every one likes a whole perfect version! lol
  4. I dont understand your mean. I guess you wanna tell me that 3.03P-IRAN cast blurred is no any solution? how can I fix the cast's picture background?
  5. Yes, I attached 3 pictures: 1 and 2 is normally in 3.03 ECSAM, the cast show background 3 is blurred background in 3.03P Can u tell me what is the reason? By the way, I found 3.03P adjust some mix and .ini, between 3.03P and 3.03ECSAM can connect each other? I am afraid in China, most people use 3.03ECSAM and the game's data mismatch
  6. OK, That is fine, by the now, no crash. I have only question: I've got through all of the campaign, but after installing the 3.03P patch, the background of the staff table should be pictures fragment in normal. However, 3.03P-iran shows a broken blurred screen, but the actors'watch itself seems like normally, only the background screen is blurred. What is the reason? Sorry for my English, Can u understand my words?
  7. I am sure I have selected single CPU option. I am sure I installed all game in E:\ disk, and In %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore there is nothing. I am sure. I found a strange stuff, every time the crash appears in snow map, and if no crash, the graphic will show some graphical errors in the snow theater. But I have patch the file "RA1 Snow Theater 'Smudge' Graphics Fix" from nyerguds website.
  8. I have to install 3.03P-iran, however, it still crash sometimes especially when loading saved offical campaign snow map, and sometimes, the ESC menu disappears when I wanna save disk. I have attached my crash.dmp, I use GDI or OpenGL render both, single CPU, Can u help me? ra95crash.rar
  9. Can u provide a pure version 3.03P iran patch like CNC 1.06C. Forgive me, I know that CNCnet client is very good, but I really don't like integrated launcher, I wanna be a single player and play with my friend in LAN. You know, Chinese internet is so lag, My country is a dictator country, it is hard to me that connect CNCnet client Thank u so much!
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