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  1. JL_Stinger

    Red Alert 1 Will Not Start

    No error messages or anything, but I should know better than to report any error without first rebooting and trying again - that fixed it. Yesterday it didn't work Today it does Windows is still that way
  2. JL_Stinger

    Red Alert 1 Will Not Start

    I just installed Red Alert 1 from cncnet and the game wont start. If I double click ra95.exe nothing happens. If I use RA95Launcher the launcher screen opens, but if I click "play offline" it closes and the game does not open. If I choose skirmish, then Launch Game the window minimizes for a few seconds then returns to normal without the game starting. In none of these cases is there any a Red Alert in my Task Manager. I have Windows 8.1
  3. JL_Stinger

    Destroy Vega's Dam Mission Bug

    I'm experiencing a glitch on the GDI mission to destroy Vega's dam. After wiping out the SAM sites in the city, the Orca transport comes and gets attacked by the SAM and two rocket troopers. It's supposed to just barely land, unloading 1 engineer before dying. Problem is, every time (and I've replayed it a half dozen times) the transport is always shot down before it can unload anything. Am I missing a patch that fixes this? Main screen says my version is: VCNC Patch GIT~REV BASED OFF WW 2.03 MMX ST-10 RS