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  1. It's a game with a obelisk death ray and magical, fully-crewed vehicles popping out of thin air. Guys with 'miniguns' can swarm and blow up vehicles or buildings, and one guy in coveralls and a hard hat can turn any building over to the other side because he runs in. If you really want a gritty war simulator, go play World in Conflict or Wargame: European Escalation. That's a proper combat simulator, or ARMA. C&C is not 'gritty', it's a 1990s idea of post cold-war combat influenced by media at the time and little research.
  2. So, I tried to do what Funky said and play around with different renderers. Now, when I click on the CnCNet icon my whole computer freezes, except the cursor can move. Ugh. Is there a log report I can submit? Like an except.txt for the whole thing? Should I downgrade from Mojave?
  3. OK. I followed the instructions you sent so far and... well, it's acting finicky still. I booted up CnCNet, selected TS, got the main menu and picked Single Player. Computer freezes, keeps playing sound and music and the cursor moves, but it's totally unresponsive for a good few minutes. Then CnCNet crashes and it refuses to open when I click the icon. I opened up force quit to shut it down if it was still running, and it isn't even an option. It's off, but unresponsive.
  4. Hi! OSX Mojave user here. I tried installing the SP campaign, etc for Tiberian Sun today and I got this strange popup: "Linux/Mac: Please make sure either Wine+winetricks dotnet 2.0 or Crossover is installed to be able to play online". I tapped OK since I'm not going online, then it gives me the list of things I want to install. I select all, and it won't install them. It gets to 99% and says it can't install them, so I uncheck everything and just select Single Player missions. it works! Weird. Map editor installed fine too on a second go-around as well as desktop shortcuts. It seems to not want to install music or movies... grr. So it goes back to the main menu and I pick Single Player, and I just get the Tiberian Sun main menu in an all-black screen (I can hear the ambient music, the buttons when I roll my mouse over them, but it's just all black). What's the deal here?
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