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  1. Can't host a game of Yuri's Revenge in CnC Net, only i load and I get a Victorious screen.
  2. First time I was able to load into the game but the update failed, I got an error in the update and said something about firewall not allowing clientdx.exe to update. My firewall and anti-virus arent the issue and i read others are also having this problem. Now I can't even launch the game due to a crash Update: fixed by reinstalling
  3. I downloaded CnCNet a few months ago and noticed I just have a launcher for YR CnCNet but not for RA2 CnCNet, so RA2 doesn't have CnCNet support?
  4. How do I make a unit deploy like in RA2? I can't find an art.ini to tell the game which frames to use for deploy.
  5. I was obviously talking about TD, what else would I mean? I don't see a way to save in TD in Engie. I have been tinkering around with SHP and found out that creating a new SHP file I can do anything (change palette, use tools, save in TS then in TD) and the file won't break. Meanwhile using the 3tnk.shp (heavy tank) the SHP file will corrupt if i do anything besides use the Draw tool or replace colors. Update: I tried again editing 3tnk.shp, but this time i saved in TS first, after using tools etc., and then reopened and saved in TD as a new file 31tnk.shp , also after using tools and i got no issues! I then used tools etc. and saved in 3tnk.shp, tried various things and the file wasn't getting corrupted. This is so weird...I can't trust it.
  6. Umm i guess you didn't read the Update2 where I said that the Elipse tool was corrupting the file. Engie can't open the corrupted files. I assumed you were suggesting Engie as an alternative, despite the name, to the properties of editing. Also, I see no TD/RA1 SHP option when i select Save file...when selecting frame -1 I see TS Shape File and C&C1 Shape File. I have have simply been doing my edits in SHP without using the Elipse tool and the file saves correctly.
  7. I modified 3tnk.shp and rules.ini and placed them in the directory, my friend did the same but when in game it was unmodded.
  8. Ah didn't know that RA1/C&C1 used an alternative to SHP Builder. Ok I tried it out and it's weird. It doesn't use the correct color, and the only colors i see available are: grayscale, heights and rainbow. Also it has no tools for editing.
  9. I'm getting an error after modifying the 3tnk.shp: "warning open source shp builder 3.36 is unable to open this file" even if I rename the file I get the same error. What's the fix to this? UPDATE: seems that new RA1 type shp causes this. UPDATE 2: I found the cause, using the ellipse tool seems to break theRA1 type .shp for some reason.
  10. I updated my comment with new information, don't know if you saw it. Anyways I'll try what you suggested later when I have someone to test it with, thanks.
  11. Thanks for the info. Sounds like a better alternative, but how do I transfer my custom rules.ini/spawn.xdp to a map though? Another thing I noticed. There's no expand2.mix or expand3.mix that was used for adding the unit shps. I opened spawn1.mix and saw that the units are there. I extracted cc_mtnk.shp. For me and another player in cncnet to use a modified shp, we just have to have the same extracted custom shp in our directory? Update: I found conquer.mix inside main.mix, I found the shps that match the names of those inside rules.ini. So those are the ones I need to modify (e.g., 1tnk.shp)? I can leave the shp in the directory and the other player in cncnet, then we can both play it in cncnet?
  12. How do I play a mod (modified rules.ini) with players in in CnCNet? P.S. is it even possible? I see no rules.ini in my CnCNet Red Alert directory
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