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  1. On a more serious note, what's with the constant re-mastering of things? Can we not move on and make better things? I love Joe and Tiberian Dawn but seriously, mine a new field instead of re-hashing stuff grumble grumble 😄 edit: what I meant to say is, don't stain the past with crappy remakes. Sometimes the past is fine (although updated with modern code); don't ruin it with shite-on-toast remakes just for the sake of profit
  2. G-d forbid people are exposed to the horrors of war. They might actually learn something!
  3. It's scary how good he is when he's not rusty Also, y'all should post more on youtube! Watching the masters helps plebs like me improve our game 😁
  4. I disagree. again, look at the cb-analysis: $1500, 1:40 build time (whilst cy occupied!); meanwhile, two tits are $1600 and are about ~20s each to build. So whilst you're churning out a single ob, I'll have six titans? and other buildings? obelisks are useful, but they are definitively niche imho
  5. Not to bring this back on topic... 😝 APM vs EPM is an interesting discussion. My APM is generally crap (under 200) but in an intense battle I can click like a pod of dolphins. My question always is, is APM correlated with skill level? I've witnessed great players dominate with relatively low APM, yet those that 'spam' can often suck.
  6. my first post here, after lurking for many years... Great listens; as a fellow canadian, I enjoyed hearing your accent, @Phenomena. 😀 I have a few questions for you, if you wouldn't mind (pardon my verbosity): I've played a lot of RTS games in my day, mostly against the computer players. AOE, EE, TS, RA2... What would you recommend to someone who seeks to move from against bots to playing against human players? (e.g. lag drives me nuts) how bold are the rose-tinted glasses? I play newer games and often dislike them strongly, but when I go back to 'old' classics (SC2/UQM* being one of my favourites), I find myself much more amused. is it that games these days suck that much more, or am I wearing the glasses? has history filtered out the crap? in-line with the above, do you think video games are being dumbed down? TS is so much trickier than say RA2, and that's a span of 1-2 years. Half-Life was a masterpiece but finicky; HL2 was another masterpiece but a lot simpler in many ways. Also on different platforms, LoZ has become a sad joke. In your opinion, are games getting easier? * Star Control Origins is cute, but nowhere near the precursor games.
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