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  1. Well i do own this website offically now. it doesn't have anything yet but, it does exist. EDIT 11/8: Updated layout and theme as well as added generic placeholders.
  2. Yes that was essentially the 'work around' for recording wins and losses. I understand it isn't truly scalable because at a 'high' number of guilds having enough 'verified spectators' typically isn't feasible, mostly because people don't have as much time on their hands as me and wouldn't be willing to do it for free, not that I blame them, but it could work initially.
  3. Hello all Tiberian Sun enthusiasts. As somewhat of a lover of this game myself, I have been wanting a clan system in TS for some time. While I may not be the most knowledgeable person of this games infinite strategies, I do have a [passion] for it and it is part of my daily routine at this point. I have talked plenty about wanting some sort of clan system for TS and oftentimes am met with "Do it yourself". I cannot blame anyone with this point of view as it makes sense, if you want something bad enough begging for it is not the way to get it done. As someone who is not a part of the CnCnet internal team it is likely i wouldn't be allowed any access to the Tiberian Sun API, which means the website would not be able to internally track wins. I do really want this project to move forward. I have been thinking about it for a long time and working on it in my spare time when I can. The website is not up yet however I already have the funds to host it for a year, and much of the website done already. I was thinking mainly listing Clans and their users, what rank the users hold within said clans. Clans track records overall and vs each other. Having verified spectators listed for sanctioned Clan matches. Of course I would love to hold tournaments for glory and rank. However, if this website were to grow to even a modest size, Bi-yearly tournaments with modest (small) monetary prizes are something I am strongly considering as well. I need input from newer players, what would entice you to try something like this out? I need input from older players, what other features would make this website something that actually puts its feet on the ground? What are your fondest memories of old TS clanners? What did you dislike? Any and all input/ideas on this project WILL be considered. I understand this is not an official "Clan Ladder". But that may never be coming, so I would like to make the best of it while this game is still alive. The only posts that will not be tolerated are : "Ts is dead" "not enough people for interest" etc. etc. I DON'T CARE. IT'S MY MONEY AND I'M HOSTING THE SITE. If I want to waste my money on a "dead game" so be it. CONSTRUCTIVE INPUT ONLY. Thank you all. -BLUE
  4. i sincerely thank you for this you are a god among mere modding mortals
  5. no it means nothing relative to 'skill level' i would say. however it does say things about different players play styles and i find it interesting !
  6. posting this.... my games today...highest apm (349)was during a 1 ref eng attack...very short game also dat pro paint apm
  7. There is another stat which cannot be effectively calculated unless a program specifically designed for the specific application exists. It's known as EPM (effective actions per minute) and it cuts out all the noise and erroneous clicks players do and only takes into account actions that have a dynamic impact on the players game. if all 50 of those actions per minute are effective actions, it doesn't matter if your overall apm is low tbh. it's just kind of a fun thing to look at (for me anyways).
  8. my peaks seem to be around 215-230 while defending/attacking same time and an average game of TS in its entirety for me is sitting around 185 APM.
  9. http://www.desktopapm.com/ This app tracks your APM in any application. it can give you an idea of how fast you make actions while playing a game of tiberian sun and keep track of your improvements. i am in no way affiliated with this app but i really would like to know what some pro players APM is in ts. if you are just average/new try it too and post your findings! APM is a metric made most famous by starcraft/starcraft 2. It stands for actions per minute and its supposed to give an idea of how many things a player in able to do in various situations. Lemme know what yours is averagely in your games of TS! ill update when my average sorts itself out.
  10. NOOB2


    I have donated money to this game before and would be willing to donate specifically to bring clans to ts on cncnet. just putting that out there.
  11. I actually started working on a "civilian" faction of my own for use in a mod of some kind. Since you are knowledgeable Holland i would also like to ask this: I can make any building buildable. However if a building doesn't have an inherent sell animation, it doesnt seem like it can be sold. For example if you use civilian armory it can be sold.(i think thats the one that worked,im on mobile now). But if you use those little power pole looking things as power plants, cant be sold. Any workaround? EDIT: Also as far as the city defense goes, since the trigger bases it on # of buildings destroyed by whatever spawn, would it be in my best interest to make a dummy ai have control over the city buildings, that way the defense player wouldnt get penalized for losing BASE buildings (those arent suppose to count)
  12. I have created a mod map called 'Protect your People'. Essentially you each start with 5 civs and if they die you lose. I have issues with it though which cause one player to have to be Nod and one player has to be GDI and they have to be in proper spots on the map in order for the civs to be on the right teams. I believe its because i dont properly understand "houses" or some such. I also had another idea for a mod (haven't started working on yet or anything) in which one player starts in a city which they must protect (with limited resources which are given at certain intervals) for a certain amount of time against an opponent who recieves reinforcements of some kind at regular intervals... if so many buildings are destroyed player 2 wins...something like that..
  13. just posting a update channel still alive~
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