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  1. Thank you for fixing it but now everytime me and my Dad try to play a game, we get this 10 seconds in! Whether we do that by LAN or Online lobby, always crash We just wanna play before I go off to uni!
  2. Ok so we finally could see the game lobby but that reconnection issue perists. We are playing standard maps. (We can't figure out how to get custom ones working and we only use the normal rules :/ We both manage to get our barracks built and then crash! Is it because we are both on the same network?
  3. Me and my dad have tried playing online too. When we try to play each other, we get "Reconnection error" after about 15 seconds. And after a few tries, neither of us can even see any games to join but can see everyone typing in the lobby!
  4. It's great to hear you are looking into this issue! It's very easy to replicate. One player creates the LAN lobby. Then whoever joins that lobby, the error message appears for them and it crashes.
  5. The latest patch is causing loads of players to not be able to play LAN games. Error Message is: "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" Hope this helps the developers. "The Exception “thrown by the target of invocation” indicated that an error has occurred in code called by using invoke through dot net reflection. This technique is common when you have plug-ins (like scheduled jobs in EPiServer) and other late binding in run-time." I have attached everything to aid in fixing this. Thank you! ClientCrashLog_24_3_2020_14_44.txt ClientCrashLog_26_3_2020_15_28.txt client.log
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