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  1. Mesut ne anlatmaya çalıştın dostum sorun nedir?
  2. OF_


    Hi again. We encountered with same problem with different maps. Is it possible we are overdeveloping?
  3. Hi guys. I am playing with my friends and some of them don’t see the little map top right. Is it related with maps that I made on Final Alert? Can you help me
  4. OF_


    we are playing with eachothers and we're all rookies and noone knows how to cheat. we're not that good with computers. actually it happend to us on 2 different map. Russian roulette and brink of disaster. I'm gonna try different maps too and let you know
  5. OF_


    Hi. Me and my friends like to play red alert 2 yuris revenge online and we like to play long games. So we were playing it a few days ago. there was no problem. And our games lasts almost 2 hour. But for a few days we started getting reconnection errors and it ends the game. It does not happen beggining of the game. It is happening almost end of the game like 1 hour later. I wanna know your opinions. what might cause this kind of error? Is it a common issue on cncnet or is it just us?
  6. OF_

    Recconection error

    i am getting reconnection error too. but not after 5 minutes i start to play. its happening like after 1 hour. it was not like this before. we were playing looong games. NOTE: YURI'S REVENGE
  7. Hi. im getting reconnection error for last few days. i was not before. is it same issue you are trying to solve or this is a different issue?
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