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  1. My initiates attack air too and CanApproachTarget does not work unfortunately. Seem like it is codes for vehicles only. How can I do Yuri Prime summon only from Cloning Vat?
  2. You can edit your rulesMD files easily as whatever you want. I agree 10 range of B.fortress+guardian GI is overpowered, same as Prism tank.
  3. Yuri side would be almost doomed to lose on the sea if Allies/Soviets just rushed their low level naval units. It would be good solution only if Yuri had more naval units. What about just making boomers surface vessels?
  4. Thank you for reply but unfortunately it just removed small circles animation over mind controlled units not the mind controlling lines. I have some more questions too if they are any possible to answer. 1) Preventing magnetrons trying to lift just one vehicle together in auto combat. I want them always try to lift one vehicle only per magnetron. 2) How possible making ore collectors immune to be lifted by magnetrons? 3) Mind controlling air units? 4) Repair ability of neutral garrisoned structures without engineers? 5) Starting with Construction Yard only not MCV. 6) Making units get in transport capable units simultaneusly not one by one 7) Making Y.Prime instantly destoy enemy structures when mindcontrol them. 8 Preventing infantry units -which attack both ground and air- to chase enemy air units when they enter thier guard range but keeping this ability for enemy ground units when they enter their guard range.
  5. It is overnerfing, what could have just done is: 1) Descreasing initiate garrisoned damage 20% 2) Magnetrons become unable to lift miners. 3) Boomers become surface units (if boomer rush is really uncounterable) I do believe that for to get more players, a mod should focus on buffing weaker units only and avoid nerfing other things unless they are absolutely uncounterable.
  6. 1) I don't think grinder+mutato combo is unfair, If enemy never produces infantry units and this was unable to convert our units, the weapon would be useless. 2) Can't Soviets and Allied counter boomers with subs/destroyers cost effectively? 3) Yes, it is the only really unfair advantage as I see.
  7. As I casual player, I want to learn the reasons if it is overpowered as seen for casual matches. I see even Yuri players in competitive matches still didn't come across broken aspects.
  8. 2) How can it be removed via editing art.ini? 6) I've done similar thing before for just Yuri clone. It gets inside vehicles only like terror drone and one point of the line starts when it attacked.
  9. I'd be very grateful if someone can explain them. 1) How to make virus clouds unaffect to ally units. I don't want units itself immune to clouds just preventing it to damage to ally units. 2) How to remove the wire graphic between mind controller and mind controlled unit? 3) How to prevent cloning Yuri Prime? 4) How to give airborne ability to Russia and Yuri when they build their radar and making paradrop mercanary? 5) Can an unit fire its anti-ground and anti-air weapons simultaneously? 6) Is permanent mind control possible without Psychic dominator?
  10. Yuri is nowhere unbalanced, if they think Yuri is OP then just allow them to pick Yuri.
  11. Aircraft carrier is more powerful than dreadnoght in open seas.
  12. Make all infantires uncrushable and decrease tank speeds a bit that's what I could suggest.
  13. Gattling ship would be awesome if there is any with good appearance and cameo. With just editing rulesmd. You can turn Yuri Prime or hover transport into some kind of AA ship. For example in my personal modification, Y.Prime attacks air too with 2/3 disc damage and +%50 range, (200 HP heavy armor) which they are more cost efficient for air coverage on sea and not terribly imbalanced either.
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