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  1. There's a pinned thread in this forum section about learning how to create maps, perhaps, you'd like to read it so you won't make these mistakes.
  2. I agree that the map pool should include only limited number of specialised scenarios such as naval based maps.
  3. If different games on CnCNet benefit from different limits then they should be set in a way that benefits them all in their unique way. Unfortunately with TS you only have yourselves to blame.
  4. You're contradicting yourself here, seems it's specific to the TS community rather than the RTS genre or competitive gaming.
  5. The YR community come together and agreed that we needed this rule, the RA1 community has been playing on 1 nickname voluntarily for a long time so maybe solve your differences and start acting like a community.
  6. I can't remember but should be around 300-400px on the long edge.
  7. That's not a 'rule', that would mean that you would have to register on the cncnet website before you can log-in and play. Which a lot of people are not willing to do due to laziness... Hence why it works the way it does.
  8. Use the map renderer. Map Renderer.zip
  9. You both seem to be confused. The nickname you use to log into CnCNet is unregistered and only active when you're logged in. The nickname you use on the ranked matches and ladder is created through a registered account on the ladder website. The two nicknames have no association with each other.
  10. Unfortunately, Yuri is actually even more powerful with the patch if you know how to use Yuri. I suggest you try making lasher tanks with multiple factories for a change.
  11. Why is your map file size so large? Try reducing the preview image size if you're inserting it into the map file.
  12. More like, "help us help you".
  13. It's amazing how you've managed to write a lengthy post without actually going into any detail of what's actually happening, besides "it doesn't work".
  14. The reasoning for limiting the players to 1 nickname per month is so that... All ranks are represented by actual player skill. No rank busting from highly skilled players on lower point nicknames. Pushing for points is easier to spot due to all players using a single nickname. Players can't avoid competing at their own level by switching to a lower nickname.
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