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  1. Cool idea, but a waste of time. It would be overly complicated and confusing to use this in the map editor. I would much rather have New Urban's theater temperate tiles replaced by snow for one version and by desert in another version. Seeing as complete urban elements and respective terrain tiles should be available on all theaters. It's frustrating when you can't use a high bridge on a desert map or a waterfall...
  2. You'd better explain how it works then seeing as my Ai keeps using just Engineer+flak track team instead of rhino tanks and terror drones no matter what I set the weights to on any of the teams.
  3. The weight system is quite broken in RA2/YR. The Ai prefers certain units over others without considering weight.
  4. You are too good, please don't play multiplayer. @dkeeton
  5. I see you speak out of all knowing wisdom and experience, because it's true that only 95% of the competitive player base plays Iraq (Soviets) and all they do is spam Rhino tanks in every circumstance oh, and don't forget the Iron Curtain. Soviets are too efficient in the economy, production, anti-air and superweapons department. You're just an stubborn old RA2 Allied player, A.K.A people in denial.
  6. That used to be the belief, but top pros don't even need to stop making Rhinos, ever, Soviets still dominate all stages of the game thanks to the cost efficient Rhino Tank.
  7. Nope, a seal or Tanya IFV is going to come and kill all those deso.
  8. In some cases the accept or decline buttons are not visible. @CnC_Robert I had this same problem, just spammed all keyboard buttons till something happened.
  9. My Rebalance Mod It goes beyond balancing the game and tweaks some stuff to add more strategic depth and complexity to the game.
  10. I already did this and MustacheX already did this too. His balances for without superweapons. Mine for both without and with. I don't see how you're going create a decent balance patch without understanding the game play meta or unit roles...
  11. @ReaperAA Thank you for reporting these bugs, the issues will be fixed with the next client update.
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