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  1. RaVaGe

    Change ladder?

    But you sure come back here to cry very salty tears. TS has always been less popular and least active, move on and deal with it.
  2. He's quite useless as a point of authority, especially when he needs to flex it or pick a side.
  3. There is no difference between the TIBTRE(s) in RA2 & YR.
  4. I'm sure you can have a word with @FunkyFr3sh
  5. @FunkyFr3sh @AchromicWhite He indicated he's trolling, so maybe don't communicate with him as you'll be wasting your time, he said the exact same bs on my patch for YR, guy doesn't even play anymore and when he did he talked a lot of smack all the time.
  6. RaVaGe

    QM Frame Rate

    You wouldn't be able to connect with some ports not open, really weird suggestion that one. Don't see how it affects connection speed.
  7. Thanks. If you have any requests let me know. 😉
  8. Yes, I saw your fast video on Youtube. Which ones? You can collect the graphics files in one zip and ask Grant or dkeeton (xme) for advice regarding adding them. This is a simple addition that the current YR staff can do @Grant @dkeeton I don't do client updates any more.
  9. I tested the patch against some of the best players and Yuri had a hard time doing anything against Soviets. GB is already irrelavant in the competitive scene, the whole game balance in general is quite broken. It was changed in a way that allows Yuri players to play the same way as before, but increases vulnerabilities to infantry and terror drones. While reducing Yuri's ability to camp with tank bunkers. Not always, with edits to the Magentron & Gattling Tank, it's easier to get close to the Masterminds with Terror drones, infantry and a large number of tanks. That is the balance change, the problem was that Yuri gets Boomer Submarines too early in the game. The Genetic Mutator is the worst of the 3 first level super weapons. I reduced the timer to allow Yuri to use the Mutator to counter the infantry vulnerability and use it similar to the American Paradrop Special, by being able to create brutes from slaves at the same rate. Also Yuri would get minimal income from grinding Brutes. Changes were aimed at competitive players, not so much at casual players who are not willing to learn the game in the first place. However a lot of the units that casual players abuse about Yuri are nerfed, so it impacts their game a lot, though due to lack of knowledge of newer players it easily goes unnoticed.
  10. I'm creating a tutorial series for C&C YR teaching the basics of playing as the Soviet side. The first video is up, explaining how to scout and reveal the map.
  11. After you followed my tips it looks even more like a SC2 map.
  12. Great, though you made one mistake. The ore behind the cliff at top right middle should be closer to the cliff at the bottom, use the hide tileset tool to hide the cliffs and paint behind them. Idea is that players at the top of the cliff can harass that ore.
  13. Thought of a few more things, as middle looks a bit annoying to expand to.
  14. Nice, looks good, only thing that's missing is some sparsely spaced trees and better terrain texture. Paint some random trees with the tree tool here and there so Allied players can use their Mirage Tanks a bit easier, though avoid any clumps of trees. The flat ground without any cover otherwise makes the soviet Rhinos reign supreme. For texture just pick some dark grass and tile size 1x1 then paint around the grass areas while holding shift (continuous placement). Around cliffs use rough grass texture. Almost looks like a professional grade map though. On 2nd look the second level ore patches are too small compared to start location there seems almost no incentive for players to expand there, should remove some ore from main patches and then add it to the second level expansion area.
  15. Add more ramps at player bases to make those areas easier to manage. Move gems closer to players so they can choose to harvest them early game for a faster start. Add ore instead of those gems to add 2nd stage expansions before moving to middle. Add gems in the corners to bring more focus to those parts of the maps in the late game, then players can choose to be draw out for more resources or stick together in the middle for the ore. Remove some trees around the cliffs to improve movement and allow players to harass the gems in the corners or to use the backdoor ramp for the side plateau.
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