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  1. Cool idea, but a waste of time. It would be overly complicated and confusing to use this in the map editor. I would much rather have New Urban's theater temperate tiles replaced by snow for one version and by desert in another version. Seeing as complete urban elements and respective terrain tiles should be available on all theaters. It's frustrating when you can't use a high bridge on a desert map or a waterfall...
  2. You'd better explain how it works then seeing as my Ai keeps using just Engineer+flak track team instead of rhino tanks and terror drones no matter what I set the weights to on any of the teams.
  3. The weight system is quite broken in RA2/YR. The Ai prefers certain units over others without considering weight.
  4. You are too good, please don't play multiplayer. @dkeeton
  5. I see you speak out of all knowing wisdom and experience, because it's true that only 95% of the competitive player base plays Iraq (Soviets) and all they do is spam Rhino tanks in every circumstance oh, and don't forget the Iron Curtain. Soviets are too efficient in the economy, production, anti-air and superweapons department. You're just an stubborn old RA2 Allied player, A.K.A people in denial.
  6. That used to be the belief, but top pros don't even need to stop making Rhinos, ever, Soviets still dominate all stages of the game thanks to the cost efficient Rhino Tank.
  7. Nope, a seal or Tanya IFV is going to come and kill all those deso.
  8. In some cases the accept or decline buttons are not visible. @CnC_Robert I had this same problem, just spammed all keyboard buttons till something happened.
  9. My Rebalance Mod It goes beyond balancing the game and tweaks some stuff to add more strategic depth and complexity to the game.
  10. I already did this and MustacheX already did this too. His balances for without superweapons. Mine for both without and with. I don't see how you're going create a decent balance patch without understanding the game play meta or unit roles...
  11. @ReaperAA Thank you for reporting these bugs, the issues will be fixed with the next client update.
  12. 2020 July Ladder Update Release notes Updated Malibu Cliffs LE to v1.17 Moved middle right gems closer to top spawn point to even out the rate at which players can expand. Now set up for TR vs BL for all scenarios. (SvA, SvY, SvS, AvA, AvY, YvY) Updated Let There Be Fight to v2.09 Added naval backdoors to each player spawn point. Moved tech powerplants closer to the naval backdoors to allow easier harassing by transports. Added a lower land bridge in the middle to prevent stalemate camping and divide the naval area into two. Reduced visual clutter in the top and bottom middle of the map. Improved detailing at some parts. Now set up for SvA, SvS, AvA, AvY, YvY. Updated Stardusk LE to v2.20 Added gems near player spawns. Moved tech power plants near the cliff to make it easier to build a refinery below the cliff. Edited terrain to make it easier to build towards top and bottom middle ore below the cliff. Added a new ore patch near the two lakes to increase the chances of naval play and increase map resources. Added more trees around the edges of the map to enhance the effectiveness of Mirage Tanks. Available for all scenarios. (SvA, SvY, SvS, AvA, AvY, YvY) Updated Dusk Ravine LE to v1.23 Added a new gem patch to the starting spots to make players spread out their base to give Allied more opportunities to harass. Replaced middle sides ore with gems to make these an attractive expansion spot and further spread out player bases to benefit Allied factions. Walled oils to improve Yuri's chances in the early game. Available for all scenarios. (SvA, SvY, SvS, AvA, AvY, YvY) Updated Pinch Points LE to v2.02 Completely reworked the map to support the Allied vs Soviets match-up. Blocked the direct middle path between player spawns to reduce the effectiveness of Soviet rushes. Infantry can still move through the trees however, so infantry rushes are still possible. Replaced oil derricks with an airport and a tech machine shop. Removed starting ore patches. Added a new gem patch at the back of the base as the starting resource. Replaced top ore patches with gem patches. Replaced bottom gem patch with two separate gem patches to mirror with top. Enhanced the detailing of the map. Available for SvA, YvY, SvS, AvA. Updated Golden State Freeway LE to v2.06 Reworked the map from the original to a more conservative edit based on player feedback. Added a ramp to the bottom middle cliff to prevent base stretching for stalemate situations. Moved top middle gems closer towards the middle tech oil derrick for easier access and better balance. Moved bottom middle gems closer towards the middle tech oil derrick for easier access and better balance. Moved middle left garrison structures closer to left side to prevent the right side player from taking all of them. Evened out the terrain near top left starting spot to allow for base stretching to starting gems. Adjusted some trees around the map to allow easier access to resources and to reduce the effectiveness of Magnetrons against miners. Available for all scenarios. (SvA, SvY, SvS, AvA, AvY, YvY) Added Country Swing LE v1.00 Evened out the value differences between all large ore patches, now all ore patches have the same value as the bottom left ore patch. Removed single cell ore specks around the map that caused miners to randomly wander to weird spots. Added an additional water bridge at the top right and bottom left corners to facilitate splitting large groups of units. Added more terrain near the river to stop miners from getting into a jam near refineries when built under the cliff for gems. Adjusted positioning of trees near the top right gem patch to allow building down cliff without having to destroy trees. Available for all scenarios. (SvA, SvY, SvS, AvA, AvY, YvY) Added Cold War LE v1.00 Added gems for top right spot to even out resources. Set middle left and middle right bridges to a destroyed state to prevent engineer eating in the early game, which led to a large disadvantage for the right side as the left also has starting gems. Fixed a slope tile error near the right side player spawn that caused a path-finding bug. Removed barrels near right side tech oil derricks. Reduced the number of trees near the right side player spawn point to reduce choke-points. Added trees near top middle to improve the effectiveness of mirage tanks. Improved detailing at some parts of the map. Available for SvA, YvY, SvS, AvA. Updated Proving Grounds LE to v1.06 (Missing notes from previous release) Replaced middle gems with ore to make it less important and encourage players to build around the corners of the map. This is to reduce the effect Magnetrons have on the outcome of a match. Also with longer distances between player bases and as bases get more spread out the Allied players have more opportunities to harass. Removed trees around corner gem patches to allow space to build. Removed ore mines from corner resource patches to reduce effectiveness of camping in the corner as Yuri. Removed the middle ore mines to reduce the importance of resources in the late game. Available for all scenarios. (SvA, SvY, SvS, AvA, AvY, YvY) Credits Development: @RaVaGe @dkeeton Play-testing: @Lud0wig @Blazer @ZAIN Also the competitive players who provided feedback. If you'd like to contribute to developing future updates or content for CnCNet please join the unofficial community driven Discord server through the link in my forum signature.
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