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  1. Problem solved with uptade 6.8 Thanks team..
  2. MechGe

    map downloading problem

    Dear Utku , I have same problem with you ? How you solved it could you please help me ?
  3. Hello Dketon , I download that you attached map but you attahced just 1 map and it didnt solve problem ?
  4. Hello Dear Host , I am waiting for your solutions . Thanks for help regards.
  5. Hello Again , How can I fix this issue could you pls help ?
  6. Thanks god I attached with zip.file . Could you please check what's wrong . Thank you for quick reply and help.Regards. client.rar
  7. I cant upload client log size bigger than 9.77 Mb .
  8. Whenever I join a game that If game has a new map, the following message was released. The host has a selected a map that doesn't exist on your installation. Attempting to download it from the CnCNet map database. Downloading custom map failed. Requesting the game host to download it to the CnCNet map database. Download of the custom map failed. The host needs to change the map or you will be unable to participate in this match. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
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