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  1. I have TFD, but it's patched to CnC which should by itself allow speed control in campaign, but it doesn't. And it's absent from campaign, even if I try hex edit or -speedcontrol.
  2. Oh, good to know, the corner bug is fixed, and jittery-ness? And frankly, knowing that low 16:9 resolutions work is even better than vanilla 4:3. AFAIK that's how CnC Remaster works. Unless someone wants a purist approach, well, then, aspect ratio is off for now.
  3. Same offset I found in HxD editor. BTW if looking at address, I can't find 74 07, this is all offset.
  4. But 960x540 has the proper aspect ratio - 16:9. And it works without problems. In fact, any custom 16:9 rez works properly anyway, like 854x480 or 1066x600, even 1366*768. Issue was making 4:3 rez working in fullscreen with "maintas/boxing" that needs "handlemouse" and makes cursor invisible in ingame menu. "Coasting=off corner jump bug" is another issue. I'm sorry, but I don't see what workaround you put in?
  5. Not in my RA2, but in my case I also have the overlapping/missing menu buttons issue, maybe they're tied?
  6. I can't seem to get this to work with RA2? Do I need to add -speedcontrol?
  7. I have the same issue on Win7, DPI is at normal 100%. Happens in vanilla game, and cncnet modded game. Some buttons are overlapping/on top of other buttons. Resolutions also have no effect on buttons. Renderers have no effect too. This happens in vanilla and TFD and cncnet skirmish, and cncnet modded singleplayer... And I can't get Game Speed slider in Campaigns...
  8. I am playing with cnc-ddraw at the moment, but I ran into a peculiar mouse issues with it, I raised a flag on GitHub if you don't mind checking it out.
  9. Is there any way to enable them in SP then? I mean they are there already, just make them SP available? YR has DTA client too, don't see why this simple thing can0't be a toggle option in TS?
  10. So does this patch (and the latest Tore installer) contain TS-ddraw that can scale? I see on GitHub that latest release has some new options, but no INI file to set them. @FunkyFr3sh
  11. So I tried CNCNET's client, and TSClient, and vanilla. Each of them, with Scroll Coasting disabled (which I prefer) have this issue where right click jumps and then scrolls the screen, making the whole thing very jerky/choppy. I can record a snippet if I didin't explain the issue properly. I've tried each and every renderer available and issue still persists. Even in vanilla. I'm on Win7x64 if it matters, I expected less issues here than in W8/10. Any solutions?
  12. Sorry for necroing, but are these QoL things still MP only? I tried it recently in SUN.ini and they don't work... I know Rampastring's client has them enabled by default.
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