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YR game play


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Hello, I'll be updating this thread every now and then to show my latest videos

I play allied here vs Zains Yuri, if you're looking how to beat a weak Yuri with allied here's a good video to learn from.


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4 hours ago, Andy. said:

Zain attempts to snipe me on a low point nick of his in QM, things don't go the way he planned.

Retard. you were so afraid to play on your highest points nick (https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/7-2019/yr/player/My_Struggle ) which was close to mine and had 760 pts, you were playing on 400 pts nick vs mine 700, so u expect me to not switch my nick ? when you keep switching the nicks, btw i like it how you are afraid of me lols, never finish the series now since u got whooped 3 times in a row =D 


https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/7-2019/yr/games/97628 (mine 700 pts your 500 pts)

https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/7-2019/yr/games/97654 (mine 700 pts your 400 pts)

https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/7-2019/yr/games/97672 (mine 700+ pts your 650 pts)

We all know you lie so much, I don't prefer to change nicknames mid series, unless a nub like you doing the same. grow pair and play me full series one nick then i will push you out of top 20 :Kappa:

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1 hour ago, Andy. said:

Zain keep it up, keep playing 24/7 and ending rank 5 every month behind people who play 3x less games than you per month. ?

Rofl, i think admins can confirm you play more then me literally every month, so sad you're unable to push this month :D that's why you are not near to top 5. 

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