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  1. Martin cheating in a dead game ? Feelsbadman
  2. Add these maps: Yellowstone, Heck TvT, Official tourny A, Remove these maps: Loaded barrel, Let there be fight, Sea of isolation
  3. ZAIN

    Will there be a QM ra2 mode ?

    I'm not a programmer, noob martin why don't you make ra2 qm
  4. ZAIN

    Will there be a QM ra2 mode ?

    Sooner or later they have to make one.
  5. ZAIN

    Red Alert 2: Bloodpatch + Language change

    okay downloading it ty
  6. ZAIN

    Red Alert 2: Bloodpatch + Language change

    @FReQuEnZy i have an ra2 for chinese platform , but it has chinese language in the game, can i change the language of it ?
  7. ZAIN

    China's King of Heck Tournament

    Chinese vs Rest of the world is more interesting though
  8. ZAIN

    New Twitch Livestream page live

    https://www.twitch.tv/heckfreeze Add my twitch please .
  9. Can you add my stream please? https://www.twitch.tv/heckfreeze/
  10. ZAIN


    I am looking forward to watch ur stream, suggest me a highlight of your stream in which you used a mic as well ? and had gg's
  11. ZAIN

    Unable to update client

    xDodger tried to give me the files and updater was working fine till 57% where it stuck again. This is the kaboom error, now i can't even start the cncnet client. ==> https://snag.gy/1BNQPj.jpg Edited: Dodger send me the files manually and it is fixed now !!!!
  12. ZAIN

    Unable to update client

    it's pointless that cncnet is not putting their latest client on their website , i downloaded new yuri and installed cncnet client and guess what same issue ? :3
  13. ZAIN

    Unable to update client

    i don't have yuri setup now can you give me link ?
  14. ZAIN

    Unable to update client

    same issue this time firewall and antivirus both were disabled :/
  15. ZAIN

    Unable to update client

    Cncnet client is not updating for some reasons , it will stuck to a point. client.log