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  1. Add this stream please :
  2. 1. Can't select unit coming out of war factory 2. Unable to select miner when it's on refinery Video:
  3. Malibu cliffs, Heck, TOE, Bridging the gap , East vs Best
  4. this ip seems to be better for me and for all ,
  5. Well your attitude towards "Asians / Arabs " is always kinda racist so that's the main reason why many gr players blocked you + you are the famous cheater in xwis + gameranger and wait you are 15 year old kid who got a big mouth himself and yet you are telling me i have big mouth ? really ? considering these points no one will like you to add as friend instead they will prefer to block you And if my game play is mediocre then you don't need to think your game play is any different to me You are just average player as any other, don't need to consider yourself "Pro " Player who are better then me i always respect them unlike you, So please grow up and learn to appreciate #Peace
  6. And you also know why i act like that to you only ? Don't you know that ? And i never claim to be a top player, So stop spreading hate towards me ,
  7. i talk trash but i don't cheat at least like you ? A cheater like ludowig calls me noob ? Feelsbadman :3
  8. Let's arrange cncnet vs gameranger
  9. @Grant I would like to be added as well .
  10. Hello, This tournament is only for Ra2 players and will be played on Xwis + gameranger ,
  11. Hello, This tournament is only for Ra2 players and will be played on Xwis + gameranger ,
  12. Yeah but bottom spot is much better then top in that map
  13. Well i have seen you playing lbl 100 of times false argument bro , prolly lbl is your fav map
  14. Hill have eyes is a decent map why do you hate it makes no sense franky
  15. +1 Alaskan shit oil , may day , hammer sickle,