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  1. YR & RA2 mode, what needs updating!

    I am not sure if ra2 mode of cncnet or yuris revenge have this glitch but in real ra2, If a tank stands on depot while attacking it will be destroyed, And one more thing , in yuris revenge i can't give money to my ally with miners, i am not sure about this though , ( someone confirm this )
  2. YR & RA2 mode, what needs updating!

    service depot glitch for soviets :3 is there anyway to fix it?
  3. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    yes i can but i will have 90 mins maximum,
  4. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    yes i believe i can but what time ? can gunman and ankarar play ?
  5. you both used to stream on game capture before ?
  6. ZAIN and Legolas accepting challenges

    had gg's with brok and vwwwwwwwwww other day, i am free today, can play you guys just tell me what time you can play ?
  7. 1v1 Tourny

    that's good and i would like to participate too in that case
  8. where is the ladder of yuri ?

    hi steff, how you doing ? here is ladder : https://staging.cnc-comm.com/ladder/
  9. This is beyond pathetic...

    It's quiet hilarious people still care for trash talking in 2017 ? if you are streamer and you are not at Professional level then you must be ready to deal with the shit/trash talks every now and then so what's so unique in this ? People can use Marko and latof's name too and who are you skill wise ? Just ignore the b.s and move on and enjoy the game . And if you both really want to prove a point then organize a f****** series and both post it on their channel regardless of result I know both of you won't do that so the better thing is to move on and hf with the "dead" game .
  10. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    Didn't played yuris revenge on xwis because when i started it was all dead , but it's fine if spawn preview is on too so no worries
  11. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    Exactly my point , I don't wanna see a veto option in QM , And spawn preview OFF will be good, as we all are trained that way in xwis
  12. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    I think you misunderstood , because the topic was for Allied vs Soviet balance so in that context i said nothing is op , of course we all know yuri is OP and we don't need to argue about that because we all agree on that , and imo in late game eco is not that much of a problem for allied player 2-4 legionnaire would not damage their eco much , and usually legionnaire come into play in big maps like jungle, sv . caverns, coldest , heck when you have to move your mcv to different part of the map Desos of course is a super good unit but if u tell me its very easy to deso bomb a top allied player then its not like that mate ,and if one deso bomb fails then it means you are behind on time and allied player will get at least 2-4 mins and he will be more stronger as the game stretches .
  13. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    i Oh i don't need to learn the game from you , you are too pro for me lols as u said i didn't played real top player , come xwis or cncnet and play me bo5 then
  14. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    The irony is people who play with the most OP faction "Yuri" in yuris revenge talking about soviet being overpowered ? lol seriously nothing is over powered allied got 3 good factions while soviet got iraq only ,many people talking about deso being OP no one talks about spy and legionnaire in late game ?? it cost less then 2k for spies to get into the wf and bang there is no way for soviet to win unless the enemy is stupid / noob enough, and ever wonder 4 chrono legionnaire can take of the mcv within 3-5 sec yes soviet player can't do shit if his tanks and dogs are far away from mcv in that case he will lose his mcv or any structure 100% isn't it OP ? allied players who complains about iraq being OP should start playing soviet but when they try soviet they can't do shit with it . So stop whining and enjoy the game :3
  15. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    1. Unit count = Always 0 2. Sw= Random 3.Crates= Always Off 4.Imo one should not be able to veto a map in QM because if he can veto a map then whats the point of qm they can just play in custom games with their desired settings ,