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  1. ZAIN

    New Twitch Livestream page live

    Add https://www.twitch.tv/heckfreeze I checked it was not showing in cncnet streams few days ago?
  2. Finals of 2v2 Tournament Matt & Max vs Chandler & Buffalo Best Of 13 : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/346072875 Yuri's were allowed 3 times in this series,
  3. ZAIN

    How to lower the laming in QM?

    how there will be bail ? they will lose pts, also no need to display the nicknames on loading screen, just display nicknames after you deploy mcv then bailing won't be possible much,
  4. sure, i can try that, but i won't claim my bet then , if he can go soviet vs my soviet, i will stand by my words
  5. i did beat martin as allied in a shitty ass soviet map lol last time i matched him, why i have to be allied or yuri lol ? when i can win him as soviet easily,
  6. try play me with "rhinotanks" if you win series i will quit qming for a month. deal ?
  7. 2nd Semi-Finals DT (Sash & Blazer ) vs Matt Max (-1-) Part 1: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/340926430 2nd Semi-Finals DT (Sash & Blazer ) vs Matt Max (-1-) Part 2: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/340926943 Finals is going to be next weekend, Chandler & Buffalo vs Matt Max best of 13.
  8. who the hell will make 4 engi to capture mcv lol, it is too much economy loss. you don't have any top ten rank since, 2-3 month, i guess it's you who is low tier player, 2 flaks > paradrop how the hell you guys can compare ivan and seal? ivan can't kill mcv, sw, while seal is freewin if you distract properly.
  9. lol, radar isn't viable early game, most soviet won't even make a radar until you make a lab,
  10. ZAIN

    How to lower the laming in QM?

    a poll about displaying nicknames in diplomacy screen as well please,
  11. Alting is not a big problem, it helps in certain situations only, where you lost mcv and you will get alt and lose your only wf. mostly alt is a fail. So i am ok with both alt not allowed or alt allowed.
  12. Terrible idea lol, you can tanya and seal me, and i can't engi you back, those settings are for ffg's and let it be with ffgs ,
  13. lol, allow them to carry engineer , and make yuri more great lol