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  1. matt & max are in clan -1- and they will be competing too , not from grand final lol .
  2. crown is for champions register for tourny bruh Tell me your challonge name so that i can invite u
  3. Hello All, This is a 2v2 tournament of Yuri's Revenge which will be starting on 19 october 2018 at cncnet. (https://challonge.com/YR2v2) This tournament is basically for "PRO/GOOD" Players at the moment and has only 8 slots , i will not add more slots because tournament format is group based which includes 3 series each team . It's not first come first serve basis, better the player/team is the more likely they will be playing in this tournament over an active "mediocre" team. Since the tournament is group based, that's why can't allow average players to play in this tournament it will take a lot of time to complete all of their matches Players who will be participating should install discord to be in touch with fellow players to fix their match time. HOW TO REGISTER: 1. Register yourself to https://challonge.com/ and then type your username of Challonge here in forums. 2. Type in game nickname of your mate and yourself. ( currently max players allowed per team is 2 however it can be changed if we get 8 good teams easily.) 3. Type your clan tag or clan name here in forums. 4. Once you send me your username here i will add you in https://challonge.com/YR2v2 , then you will receive an invitation which you will have to confirm by logging into challonge account. INVITED TEAMS / PLAYERS: * [-1-] * [SEXY] * [ET] * [DT] * [FW] Players : Kollektiv , Marko, Jeen , Frank , Buffalo, Zhasulan, Ludmilla, Ico0 , Cruzer, Netflix, Hckid, Paf, xXxPrepxXx, Heldro, Andy & Sm-ProZ. (Pardon me if i miss any good player name) RULES: * Yuri faction is allowed but not more then two games per series * Each series in group stages will be best of 7 * Top two of each group will progress to semi-finals * Multi Engineer is OFF * Dog not eat engineer is OFF * ALT is not allowed * Short Game ON * Crates Appear OFF * Each series after group stages will be best of 9 * Default map is always heck freezes over * Losers should always picks the map * Spots pick goes to the losers team * One veto for each team per series ( can't veto heck) * Cannot repeat any map * Tournament admin / Referee should spectate entire series else result won't count Note: The maps which are underlined supports yuri faction and rest of the maps doesn't supports yuri faction. MAP POOL: Heck Freezes Over Divide & Conquer Jungle Of Vietnam Montana Dmz Heartland Offense Defense Coldest Peak Caverns Of Siberia Snow Patrol Snow Nitro Divide Freezes Over Desert Island Poltergeist City Under Siege Death Valley Girl Dry Heat Lakeside Plateaus Morning TIde Snow Valley South Pacific Tour of Egypt Note: There is no prize pool yet, if someone is willing to donate, they con contact me first and also i will not be taking care of donations myself, i nominate HCKID (sander) & Gunman (Jemille) to handle prize pool donations if someone really donates. Any streamer who wants to stream these games can comment here. Feel free to ask any questions OR give any suggestions if you have any ?
  4. ZAIN

    Who is the best player ever?

    if you including 2v2s then how can you forget paf lol ? He mastered his shits very well, especially going air and stuff l0l
  5. Do not change the basic gameplay of the game, and fix the bugs , just support old games with newer versions of windows.
  6. ZAIN

    Calling out all the 2v2 fan boys !

    it's a 2v2 tournament any way you barely play team games, answer other question's too ? regarding yuri faction and semi-good players etc.
  7. Hello All, There was alot of hype regarding clan system and i thought it's high time to actually host a 2v2 tournament. There are some questions which i need answers from you all first. Q) Will you play a tournament if there is no prize pool ? Q) Will you be active to play your games beside weekends? Q) Should yuri faction allowed in all games? Q) There are alot of semi-good players out there so should we allow them to play in this tournament directly? Q) Will you be able to play at any time from 15:00 gmt till 1:00 gmt ? My personal opinion / idea: I want this tournament to be highly competetive that's why i don't really want semi good players to play on this tournament, however i have an idea to let these semi-good players to play a qualifier sort of thing, then the winner of that qualifier can acquire a slot for the main competetion. I don't mind allowing yuri faction two games maximum ( per series) Note: If anyone want's to donate then feel free to post here also no need to spread hatred here if you don't want to participate then don't bother to close this post Your Thoughts?
  8. ZAIN

    Clan ladder

    2v2 clan games are always much more fun then 1v1 games for me, so it would be pretty much fun if we can get a clan ladder
  9. ZAIN

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    Tip to new players to watch pro games https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWxzQtknBIMdCTLZrBymetg
  10. ZAIN

    Cooldown for a hour

    just force yuri to play all the maps and it will be a good fix ,
  11. ZAIN

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    Play quickmatch as much as you can and never check your stats it will demotivate you if you are new player, you might lose tons of games but eventually you will get better, also scouting the map is very important i usually lose any game if i don't have a proper scout especially in big maps.
  12. Cooldown would be good if 3 dc in a row or something of a kind
  13. ZAIN

    1x1 tournament on 15 September 2018

    I might take part in this tournament if i am not busy , anyway add some more maps please , 1) Heck 2) Desert Island 3) Hidden Valley 4) May Day 5) Pirate Bay 6) Coldwar TVT 7) Caverns of siberia 8) South pacific 9) Stormy Weather 10) Arctic Circle/Coldest peak
  14. ZAIN

    Zhasulan vs max (Ali)

    I am gonna stream max vs zhasulan so that you guys can watch full series Zhasulan when you can play ?
  15. Martin cheating in a dead game ? Feelsbadman