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  1. for your maps of course
  2. so if it was injustice to you then how come have you not asked for your wins back ? it only means you were guilty 👽
  3. Andy why they removed your games on last day of month?
  4. we starting this friday/saturday , so hopefully if all players don't delay we can finish by the end of april GROUP A: -1- (MATT / MAX) DOMINANT (TIM / JEEN) KJ (KYNTAJA / JSDS) SLAY (KORC / NAWB) GROUPB: ET ( QUIX / GUNMAN) SEXY (STEFFEN / BLAZER / EDD) MITI (LAZLO / SASH / PAT ) WA7sh (ZAIN / NETFLIX)
  5. Hello All, After the success of last 2v2 tournament held in 2018, community was hoping / asking for another tournament so here i am announcing another 2v2 tournament of Yuri's Revenge which will be starting in April 2019 on cncnet. This tournament is basically for "PRO/GOOD" Players at the moment and has only 8 slots , i will not add more slots because tournament format is group based which includes 3 series each team . It's not first come first serve basis, better the player/team is the more likely they will be playing in this tournament over an active "mediocre" team. Since the tournament is group based, that's why i can't allow below average players to play in this tournament it will take a lot of time to complete all of their matches Players who will be participating should install discord to be in touch with fellow players to fix their match time. HOW TO REGISTER: 1. Register yourself here in forums. 2. Type in game nickname of your mate and yourself. ( currently max players allowed per team is 3 however it can be changed if we get 8 good teams easily.) 3. Type your clan tag or clan name here in forums. INVITED TEAMS / PLAYERS: * [-1-] MATT & MAX * [SEXY] EDD / STEFFEN / TIM * [ET] GUNMAN / QUIX / SM-PROZ * [MITI] PAT / SASH / LAZLO * [FW] CHANDLER / BUFFALO / MINDWAR Players : Marko, Jeen , Frank , Zhasulan, Lud0wig, Ico0 , Cruzer, Netflix, Hckid, Paf, xXxPrepxXx, Heldro, Andy & Marsh & CsoH. (Pardon me if i miss any good player name) RULES: * Yuri faction is allowed but not more then two games per series * Each series in group stages will be best of 9 * Top two of each group will progress to semi-finals * Multi Engineer is OFF * Dog not eat engineer is OFF * ALT is not allowed in AvS Games (ALT ALLOWED IF GAME INVOLVES YURI FACTION) * Short Game ON * Crates Appear OFF * Final series will be best of 13 (2 vetoes per clan) * Default map is always heck freezes over * Losers should always picks the map * Spots pick goes to the losers team * One veto for each team per series ( can't veto heck) * Cannot repeat any map * Tournament admin / Referee should spectate entire series else results won't count unless any player streamed entire series Note: The maps which have "asterick" supports yuri faction and rest of the maps doesn't supports yuri faction. MAP POOL: ***Heck Freezes Over*** Bull Run City Under Siege ***Country Swing*** ***Death Valley Girl*** ***Double Trouble*** ***Divide & Conquer*** Jungle Of Vietnam ***Montana Dmz*** ***Heartland*** ***Offense Defense*** ***Coldest Peak*** ***Caverns Of Siberia*** ***Lowlands*** Roundhouse kick Snow Patrol Snow Nitro ***Divide Freezes Over*** Desert Island ***Poltergeist*** City Under Siege Dry Heat Lakeside Plateaus ***Morning Tide*** Snow Valley South Pacific Tour of Egypt Any Other Map Will Not Be Entertained However If Both Clans Are Agreed To A Map Out Of Pool Then It's Okay To Play That Map. Note: There can be a small prize pool, if someone is willing to donate, they con contact me first. Feel free to ask any questions OR give any suggestions if you have any .
  6. ZAIN

    YR QM nick issue

    This is funny , Andy is it hard to make new accounts? i don't see this staff capable enough to ban ip's and other strict things =]
  7. ZAIN

    QM Frame Rate

    I face this problem as well vs specific players only tho, i mean vs same players like matt , max , korc i get good speed in custom but in qm i get barely 50 fps. i was suggested to forward port, guess u will be suggested same maybe
  8. I will use Nick: Zain Forum Nick: Zain
  9. I will play in this tournament, also if needed i can stream as well, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWxzQtknBIMdCTLZrBymetg
  10. Champs up for new 2 vs 2 Tournament? with more good teams ?
  11. You're right, i told related players about tournament in advance too, plus after i posted on forums i asked players on discord,
  12. Add https://www.twitch.tv/heckfreeze I checked it was not showing in cncnet streams few days ago?
  13. Finals of 2v2 Tournament Matt & Max vs Chandler & Buffalo Best Of 13 : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/346072875 Yuri's were allowed 3 times in this series,
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