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Challenge to MustacheX


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I've heard you make many claims like, "QM isn't skill" "QM is easy" "QM is easily manipulated" "You can bail for rank 1" so lets see it.

I bet you can't get at least rank 2 this month, you can noob bash, you can bail you can manipulate the ladder with multiple nicks rank busting others, it's so easy so lets see it..

I'll offer 5 to 1 on whatever you want to bet up to $100


Now before you say, "I have a life I can't play alot of games" I'll also throw out a $20 freeroll if you accept the above challenge that I will end higher ranked than you with half the games you played. (one nick)



I already got top ranks in the past, now I'm focusing on making money instead of video game ranks.

If you're focused on making money why don't you put up $100, take 10 minutes out of each day for the rest of this month and get rank 2 and collect $520 in about 2 hours work

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Lol this post. Full of straw man and no logical correlation.

Wasting my time on qm for $120 l0l

Pay me $1000 for my time, then I'll accept your challenge. Even though it's just a straw man with no correlation to the original point.

Edd already demonstrated you can't defend the abuse.

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I'm offering 5 to 1, if you put up $100 you can make $520 from about 2 hours worth of work, I know damn well you aren't making that much at work so your time is not worth more than this, you're just looking for an easy bail while still saving face but everyone knows what you're doing, you like to talk shit about QM because you suck at the game and could never compete.

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