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TS Forum Arcade + Score/leader Boards...


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if we cant increase competition in the ladder, is there any scope for a different competition, on the side?

it might help the TS forum activity a little? and possibly bring new players to the game...?

"TS Forum Arcade + Score/leader Boards..."


Can it be done and is there any old school arcaders amongst us?



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I came back to this game a few months ago  because of my nephew, he's 9 years old and he's willing to learn. He logged into TS and asked me what was it, and instantly gave me the will to play TS again. I still think TS can cativate new players, even with all these new games and bring back the old ones like me, and also think the clanners would help to revive some of the competition, like always did. In the other day I was looking at the lobby and noticed the variaty of country's, and I wondered how they found out about TS, people with all these new and attractive graphic games are still willing to play TS, we have a few new schoolers that could be pretty good at the game in my opinion.

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