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  1. I wont vote just because you cant pick two choices, but ill let my 2 cents on this. Since i came back ive seen alot of good old players, players that were always known for theyr skill, i cant pick everyone but i give them credit , then theres people like Ray, when active, hes just on another level in my opinion, but since hes not active ill pick other 2 names that to me are just as good as him when focus, one has amazed me since i came back the other has been up there with top players for years now. My first vote goes to Mola, this guy has amazed me for his skills and hes personality recently. Right now i must be one of the oldest Ts players around and i remember this guy quite well. He used to play dirty and be a moron (sorry ) but since i came back he seems to be another player, hes definitly one of the best right now and turned out to be a nice guy , at least nicer than he was back then 😂. His NOD is just perfect, he attacks , defends and carrys. I like how hes able to defend with a few units and keeps presure since the first minute, always a good guy to have on your team🤣. Since Inacurate and Anac0ndaX i havent seen such a good NOD. Congrats! My second vote goes to C0rpsmakr, this guy has been a top player for ages now, i dont care what the community thinks of him, we have to give him the credit for the player that he is and not for the person( yes i know that sometimes he stresses JUST A LITTLE bit ;D ), im not giving him my vote because hes my friend or just because ive known him for years but (and ill quote Humble on this one) "if I am getting doubled I know for certain he is putting the hurt on 'em". Hes a diferente player from the rest with a unique playstyle, when people adapt to the way he plays hes able to carry just about anyone to victory, similiar players that i encountered in my Ts history able to this prowess would be Dachshaf , Megaf0rce and kapa371. Cheers to the other players on the list that didnt get my or any vote at all, all great players ,cool people to play and have a laught.
  2. So, hows the page going?
  3. I came back to this game a few months ago because of my nephew, he's 9 years old and he's willing to learn. He logged into TS and asked me what was it, and instantly gave me the will to play TS again. I still think TS can cativate new players, even with all these new games and bring back the old ones like me, and also think the clanners would help to revive some of the competition, like always did. In the other day I was looking at the lobby and noticed the variaty of country's, and I wondered how they found out about TS, people with all these new and attractive graphic games are still willing to play TS, we have a few new schoolers that could be pretty good at the game in my opinion.
  4. So the EPM program doesn't count when you click repeatedly to cancel a building/unit or when you unselect and missclick the units? Never heard of such thing, cool 😮
  5. This seems interesting, I would be very curious so see some of the top players from back then, such shaf, kapa or mega and a few more and the present ones APM's since now there's more keyboard shortcuts and compare it. Too bad I just use the mouse 😂
  6. My log was "mjvd" as always lol, everytime you see a "mjvd" in any game theres a high probability of that person being me 😂 . I don´t remember the log you used but you were the one who recognized me.
  7. I just realized how old this thread is 😂 It´s funny how people seem to be in a game and how they look different when listening to this, enjoyed alot . When you spoke of C&C3 TW , made me remember some of the people i played. I remember playing C0ffin too, he loved to play a Top Vs Bottom map which i don´t remember the name anymore, he used to team up with jzampage . Played alot with mill0 which was very good at the time, was a pure NOD rusher and good at it , i think he used the pewpewlasergun log. Also played some with TRZ if not mistaken (we did some 1vs1´s on tournament arena). The player that i played and enjoyed the most was definitely Day0fdoom, a very cool chill out guy, learned alot from him in TS and in TW, i used to team up with him alot on redzone map, we played and learned together, winning versus some strong teams, i think we did pretty well in some months in the 2vs2 ladder before i had to leave, "too bad" i went to the army and gone out of the country, when i came back the game had changed and i never had a hold of that guy again. Do you remember VOdy? he was a Tiberian sun player too but never got good at it, but turned out to be one of the best in C&C3 TW in my time , how funny was that 😂
  8. Hi, i have 2 e-mails registered here, both are mine, but used by different persons. One is used by me and the other was used by my brother, when he played. One doesn´t let me do anything and says it isn´t registered and the other doesn´t send any message to my e-mail.
  9. If you change it , it will make it easier, it´s a fact. And that proves what? Your better than me , i never told i was elite/ very good or even good, am i even decent so you make that statement lol? You even called me newb in this same post you made before editing it lol. Let the newb(me like you said before edting it) and the "noobs" decide for themselfs.
  10. I´m " arguing" because i think it´s relevant, just because it doesn´t meet your way of thinking doesn´t mean that all that have been said is garbage. Yeah sorry, i definitely have alot of gramar errors , but English isn´t my native language😉 You may have only specified the CC but what about the cyborgs and wolvs , ticks , VET changes etc etc. Mate i already understood your side ages ago, and i respect it, now can you understand mine please? Just allow others to play the game how they know it, make an option that let people , either to play the original or with your changes, simple. Have you also read what i said ?
  11. Oh so now "arguing" is bad, how are we supose to solve our diferences (diferente way of thinking)? Are we supose to say something and all the others just say "yes"? I don´t understand. The majority (and this is what i think , we cannot know what the other person is thinking specially though a PC) don´t post here because they don´t care what happens to Ts.If Ts shuts down tomorrow 99% of the people would just move to other games. The people " fighting" for this game future, more or less, have been the same for years so i don´t understand your statement. If these forums aren´t meant to discuss things , then i don´t know what´s the purpose then.
  12. Wait a second, so you don´t like most of the maps, you want to change the units clearly because you don´t like it too, the game has many bugs, what you exacly like in TS then? This is our point, you guys don´t want to play Ts because you simply don´t like how it works, you guys just want other game.
  13. I got your sarcasm, just don´t know if the others get it too😄 well starting with ,Auto allies, harvesters moving automatically, units behavior/strenght changed , flating some map parts and so many other things i don´t bother posting , what else you want us to expect from now on? All i see is changes. To who? You? Because to me those changes are unnecessary. Yeah never heard of someone improving by having things facilitated.Does this apply to the fact of someone wanting to flat a part of the map so it´s easier?
  14. It´s about all the changes you guys want to implement. Not being able? Both can , one just has to expand in a diffrent way, so it´s harder, ok like i said that´s how you see top players.
  15. Believe me when i say that i´m not here to offend or to be rude to anyone, i´m sorry if i did, i´m just giving my point of view. 👌👌👌👌👌👍
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